Mashup Babylon

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Dub reggae and the techniques associated with it have, since the late-1980s, been used widely by producers of dance and ambient music. However, the term was originally applied to a remixing technique pioneered in Jamaica as far back as 1967. Recording engineers produced reggae tracks on which the efforts of the producer were often more evident than those of the musicians – these heavily engineered tracks were termed ‘versions’. The techniques used to produce versions quickly evolved into what is now known as ‘dub’. The term, in this sense, arrived in 1972 and was largely the result of experiments by the recording engineer Osbourne Ruddock/King Tubby. Over the decades, not only has dub evolved, but it has done so especially in the UK. Indeed, much contemporary music, from hip hop to trance and from ambient soundscapes to experimental electronica and drum ‘n’ bass is indebted to the ‘remix culture’ principally informed by dub techniques. However, while obviously an important genre, its significance is rarely understood or acknowledged.


1) Pot Smuggled In Record Albums 1978
2) High Tone – Spiral Snake
3) Chrome Optimism (feat David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry – Adrian Sherwood dub)
4) The Model (Kraftwerk Dub cover)
5) Rastafari Elders & Sista bubbles – Dialogue
6) Babe Roots – Music Mission Ft. Galas
7) Lionrock – Rude Boy Rock
8) Sarah Farina & Yo van Lenz Peace Dub
9) Appleblim and Peverelist – Circling
10) Prince Fatty & Shniece – Black Rabbit (with Dub)
11) William S. Burroughs – Dead Souls
12) Shackleton – Hamas Rule
13) The Spy From Cairo – Nafas
14) 2562 – Basin Dub
15) 2562 – Redux
16) Another Channel – Run (Babe Roots Remix)
17) Babe Roots – Rawness (ZAMZAM59)
18) MAX ROMEO – War In A Babylon It Sipple Out Deh [1976]
19) Lee “Scratch” Perry & Subatomic Sound System | Black Ark Vampires (Roots Rockers Mix)
20) Prince Fatty – Sunshine Ft. Omar & Fatlip

A dark ambient mix for ambiant / dark experimental-heads

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Deep ambience with drones coming in and out of brooding soundscapes which depicts the deep space haulage vessel slowly moving through the void. The mix takes you through a slow trip into Space via tracks and productions by the likes of Cryo chamber, Robert Rich, Lustmord and Mick J. Harris. Once you’ve walked the nightmare hallways of the Nostromo a few times you may even find a cold comfort within these isolated surroundings. I appreciate dark ambience and have kept this at a sedate-though-chilling level of technological remoteness. Tune in the darkness for over two hours and a half of dark & eerie ambient immersion.

Featuring Mick J. Harris, Lustmord, Deathprod, Robert Rich & Bill Laswell.


Sampled (Music sampled by Hip-hop, Trip-hop, house & electro)

In music, sampling is the reuse of a portion (or sample) of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may comprise elements such as rhythm, melody, speech, sounds, or entire bars of music, and may be layered, equalized, sped up or slowed down, repitched, looped, or otherwise manipulated. They are usually integrated using hardware (samplers) or software such as digital audio workstations.

The term sampling was coined in the late 1970s by the creators of the Fairlight CMI, a synthesizer with the ability to record and play back short sounds. As technology improved, cheaper stand-alone samplers with more memory emerged, such as the E-mu Emulator, Akai S950, and Akai MPC.

Sampling is the foundation of hip hop, which emerged in the 1980s.The sampling culture of hip hop has been likened to the origins of blues and rock, which were created by repurposing existing music.Guardian journalist David McNamee wrote that, in the 1980s, sampling in hip hop had been a political act, the “working-class black answer to punk”.

Before the rise of sampling, DJs had used turntables to loop breaks from records, which MCs would rap over. Compilation albums such as Ultimate Breaks and Beats comprised tracks with drum breaks and solos intended for sampling, and were aimed at DJs and hip hop producers. In 1986, the tracks “South Bronx”, “Eric B. is President” and “It’s a Demo” sampled the funk and soul tracks of James Brown, particularly a drum break from “Funky Drummer”, helping popularize the technique. The advent of affordable samplers such as the Akai MPC (1988) made looping easier.With a ten-second sample length and a distinctive “gritty” sound, the E-mu SP-1200, released in 1987, was used extensively by East Coast producers during the golden age of hip hop of the late 1980s and early 90s.
Common samples

The drum pattern in Led Zeppelin’s recording of “When the Levee Breaks”, played by John Bonham, is one of the most widely sampled in music, used by artists including the Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Massive Attack. A seven-second drum break in the 1969 track “Amen, Brother”, known as the Amen break, became popular with American hip hop producers and then British jungle producers in the early 1990s. It has since been used in thousands of recordings, by rock bands such as Oasis and in theme tunes for television shows such as Futurama.

According to the site WhoSampled, which catalogs samples, James Brown is the most sampled artist of all time, appearing in more than 3000 tracks. The drum break from the 1970 James Brown song “Funky Drummer” is one of the most influential pieces of sampled music. The 1972 Lyn Collins song “Think (About It)”, written by Brown, includes another widely sampled drum break, featuring the cries “Woo!” “Yeah!” by Brown and Bobby Byrd.


1) Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy ( Sampled on: Tosca – Chocolate Elvis)
2) Sly & the Family Stone – Into My Own Thing ( Sampled on: Sampled on: Fatboy slim Weapon of choice)
3) Kool_The_Gang_-Summer_Madness (Sampled on : DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince Summertime)

4) Manfred Mann – Tribute (Sampled on : Massive Attack – black milk)

5) Bob James – You’re right as rain (sox Edit) (Sampled on Royksopp – Eple)

6) Isley_Bros-It_s_Your_Thing_-JM_Jackmaster_s_old_school_hip_hop_rebounce_mix (Sampled on Shake Your Thang by Salt-N-Pepa)

7) Marlena Shaw – California Soul -Bobby Cooper DJ Friendly ReEdit (Sampled on : Blue Boy – Remember Me and St Germain – Rose rouge) St. Germain Rose Rouge

8) Edwin Starr – Easin’ In – Kiu D re-edit (Sampled on : Bad Boys De Marseille (Part 2) by Akhenaton feat. Fonky Family & Nickel Bags by Digable Planets as well as Asbestos Lead Asbestos by Meat Beat Manifesto)

9) Lowrell – Mellow Mellow – Alkalino rework (Sampled on : Massive attack – Lately )

10) Banbarra – Shack Up – The Revenge Edit (Sampled on : I’m Destructive by Dr. Octagon & I Freak Techniques by Plug) 11) Cymande – Dove – Elfenberg Edit (Sampled on : Problems by Wu-Tang Clan)

12) Dave Gerrard-Kurtis Breaks (Montage)
13) Pino d’angio – Ma quale idea (Sampled on : No Sé feat. Ménélik Quelle Aventure! & Madison Avenue Don’t Call Me Baby)
14) The Flirts – Passion – Special Import Remix (Sampled on: Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin Silver Screen Shower Scene)
15) Vernon Burch – Get Up – Scott M Party Anthem Edit (Sampled on Dee-Lite-Groove is in the heart)
16) Serge Gainsbourg – Sea, Sex & Sun [The Reflex Revision]-(Sampled on: Sex by Die Antwoord
17) Divine – Native Love (Step By Step) Original 12 inch (Sampled on : Metal Disco Class by David Carretta)
18) Sérgio Mendes – Fanfarra (Cabua-le-le) )Sampled on : Give It Up by The Goodmen)

Who sampled who? Marlena Shaw sampled by St-Germain & Hip-hop

Who sampled who? Marlena Shaw – California Soul (1969)

Grooves & Samples #37: Marlena Shaw – California Soul (1969)

People who never heard of Marlena Shaw might actually recognize her voice: the clever sample from her 1973 album “Live in Montreux” combined with the drum intro from Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ founded the layers for St. Germain’s year 2000 massive lounge hit ‘Rose Rouge’.

California soul is a frequently used on dance & trip-hop tracks such as this one:

People who never heard of Marlena Shaw might actually recognize her voice: the clever sample from Marlena Shaws 1973 album Live in Montreux combined with the drum intro from Dave Brubeck’s Take Five founded the layers for St. Germain’s year 2000 massive loungehit Rose Rouge. The album Tourist, where Rose Rouge appears on, has sold more than 4 million copies, making St. Germain a household name on many lounge compilations.

The song sampled by St. Germain, The Woman of the Ghetto, is also the vocal sample for one-hit-wonder Blue Boy in Remember Me from 1997. You can hear Marlena in the intro and scatting further on and even the title from the Blue Boy hit is lifted from the end of the song.

Marlena started her career with a single for Cadet Records, making quite an impression in 1966 with a rare vocal version of Zawinul’s/Adderley’s instrumental Mercy, Mercy, Mercy backed with Wade in the Water – both instant mod classics. Her renditions of jazz, soul and pop tunes didn’t stay unnoticed and shortly after Marlena joined the Count Basie Orchestra, of course taking care of the vocals.

We’ll take a look and listen at California Soul, featured on her 1969 album The Spice of Life. Originally recorded by The 5th Dimension a year earlier, the Ashford & Simpson written song (famous for I’m Every Woman, Solid as a Rock, Ain’t no Mountain High Enough) soon became a floorfiller  and with such a groove, Marlena’s version was impossible to ignore.

Thus thought DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Stereo MC’s, Quasimoto, Deee-Lite, DJ Food and The Game -among many others- sampling multiple elements from the wonderful uplifting song: drums, string, vocals.

Loungin mix vol 005

Loungin, To move or act in a lazy, relaxed way. Lounging on the sofa; lounged around in pajamas. To pass time idly: lounged in Venice till June. To pass (time) in a lazy, relaxed, or idle way: lounged the day away. From acid jazz, dub, downtempo, trip-hop, nu disco, deep house & surf!

1.0 Tranquility Bass – Cantamilla
2.0 Nina Simone edit
3.0 Cannons – Fire for you (Long version-Stay on the beach 3 more minutes-for -me )
4.0 Dwig – Way To Eden [DWIG02]
5.0 Kraftfuttermischwerk-Lmbda
6.0 Mim Suleiman – Mingi
7.0 Bon Voyage Organisation Mirage sur le Nil – Paradis Rework
8.0 Daniel Steinberg – Salamander
9.0 Rhythm & Sound, Sugar minott – Let Jah love come
10.0 St-Germain – Rose rouge (Jovonn Oldskool 90s Remix)
11.0 St-Germain – Sure Thing (Jullian Gomes Remix)
12.0 Ramasutra – Jewel of the lotus
13.0 Bomb da bass feat. Sinead O’Connor – Empire
14.0 Bang Bang – Tchin tchin
15.0 Ariane Moffat – Je veux tout (Deadbeat)
16.0 I:Cube Adore – Original Mix
17.0 Tears for fears – Heads over heels (remix)
18.0 The Raveonettes – The End [A Psych Tribute To The Doors]

Gescom / Ae mix


If you feel IDM’ish, Warp, Electronica, or listening to Gescom here’s a little mixture of 2 h 38 min I made of Ae remixes and Gescom’s original productions! I wrote about Gescom in the past. Click here to read more!

1. My Dinner With Andre (pockets of light) 1981
2. Evolution Of The Beast (Autechre Mix) Palmskin Productions
3. Beaumont Hannant Psi-onyx
4. Gescom Sciew Spoc
5. Gescom Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd By Ae)
6. Schaft – Skf10047 Mixed By Autechre
7. Saint Etienne Like A Motorway (Skin Up, You’re Already Dead)
8. Cylob Sanq (Autechre Mix)
9. Softballetforms Jail Of Freedom (Jailtilsli) Remixed By Autechre
10. Slowly On The Loose (For Internal Use Only Mix)
11. Gescom Cicada
12. [D’Breez]Crazy for Love (Autechre Remix)
13. The Higher Intelligence Agency Speech3
14. Gescom A57 (Rmxd By DC Duo’s)
15. Gescom Viral Rival (Rmxd By Ae)
16. Gescom – Five
17. Gescom Puzl
18. Silvania – 1Belm (Autechre Mix 2)
19. Surgeon – Whose Bad Hands Are These (Autechre Remix)
20. Various Artists 9 (Autechre Mix)
21. Gescom – Go Sumo
22. Gescom – Go Sheep (320 kbps)
23. Gescom – Cicada (Bjarki Pandemix)
24. Autechre – Djarum (Bjarki Pandemix)
25. Keynell (Rmxd By Ae) Gescom
26. Autechre – Interview
27. Impulse – One-Six-Four-Seven [Numbers Rammed Down My Ear Mix]
28. Coil – Dark River (Autechre Mix)
29. SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx)

Electronic music sampling electronic music (Who sampled who?)

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As we enter the post-rave era, more and more bedroom producers will sample the greatest era of electronic music: the nineties. A good example of that is the much hailed record of 2018, the Velocity EP by Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid. As a new producer heavily influenced by breakbeats of the 90’s and as he said in an interview for electronic beats recently, he digged his parents vinyl collection in which there was a lot of Detroit techno, trance & IDM. One of the record I suspect he lifted the melody from for his track Velocity comes from Aqualite vs Xylon (1997) on the now defunkt Hypnotic label. Judge for your self:

(The EP was so much sought after if fetched for 300 $ on Discogs, now being repressed TGIF!)

Nebula II were Joachim Shotter & Richard McCormack. The duo first came to light in 1991 with Seance (featuring the rave anthem Atheama on the b-side) which was released on Reinforced Records. The following year saw a steady flow of breakbeat rave tracks, such as Flatliners, C.O.D. Rider, Peace Maker, X-Plore H-Core and two remixes of their debut Seance / Atheama release. Interestingly enough, Atheama, from 1991, samples L.F.O. – L.F.O. was made on a commodore Amiga 500 and samples bleeps from LFO but also A Homeboy. Hippie & Funky Dredd – a total hardcore classic and a dancefloor stomper! Probably the first jungle/hardcore I bought and heard in 1990.


As a techno devotee, you must already know who is Juan Atkins. If you don’t I ll break it down to you:

-> He was the first artist to use the word techno to describe his music. I believe it was for the track Techno city in 1982, but I m writting this from memory !

-> He was the first one of the Belleville trio to produce music;

-> Model 500 and Infiniti (Check out game one) are two of techno’s most important monikers.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise his work was sampled and eventually heavily copied by people on Warp records (B-12?) but what surprised me the most is that a pop, but still decent artist, Missy Elliott sampled the track Clear, a staple in the genre. Well if you are a DJ playing to techno kids, you gotta throw the crowd off by playing Missy’s epic MCing on ”Lose control”. It was also sampled by Gescom aka Autechre on the track Puzl on the EP the Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used / Clear records on Clear in 1995.


While Aphex twin aka Richard D. James needs no introduction, the fact that he influenced people as diverse as Kanye West on Blame game and Radiohead does come as a surprise. But I nearly fell off my chair when I heard how the South African band of grime Die Antwoord (Afrikaans: “The Answer”), an hip-hop act from Cape Town, South Africa sampled the melody from Ageipolis, released in 1992 on Apollo records (Thank you Renaat and David!) wow what a bold move, but it works! The fact that the album Donker Mag was released in 2014, more than 30 years after SAW vol. 001 speaks volume how techno & ambient have both come full cycle. Grizzly & funky.


Landlord – I Like It (Blow Out Dub) is the work of a Canadian named Nick Fiorucci (We also invented basketball, the telephone (Graham Bell), the Ebola vaccine and Peter North) who is to techno music what the Amen brother by the Winstons is to hip-hop: the most revered and sampled loop of the genre bar none. Quite simply monumental, huge and genre defying grandiose! This comes from 1989 when rave didn’t even existed !!!! Among the tracks that have sampled it are the following:  Outlander – Vamp, Satin Storm – Let’s Get Together, SL2 – DJs Take Control and the remake, resung vocal version of Epitome Of Hype – Ladies With An Attitude. Not to mention Understand this groove by the Sound factory in 1992. And most recently John B, the famous english drum and bass producer on the breakbeat anthem ”Up all night” on Metalheadz in 2001. Geeks with no sex life, proceed and click on that link for more infos! A grand total of 167 songs have used or sampled Landlord. For everything else, there is Mastercard and Pornhub 🙂

Moodymann / Kenny Dixon Jr. mix

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An outspoken voice in the normally non-confrontational world of electronic dance music, Moodymann (given name: Kenny Dixon Jr.) is committed to keeping a distinctly black imprint on techno and house. The soulfulness of his output is unquestioned. Utilizing classic soul and jazz samples, low-slung bass lines and an approach to drum programming that is diametrically opposed to the tendency to push the tempo faster and faster, he has achieved classic status. His outspoken views on the state of black techno and his aversion to publicity put him in a league occupied by few Detroit producers other than Underground Resistance supremo “Mad” Mike Banks, though his tech-house productions as Moodymann are soulful in a league few could expect. Dixon began producing early in the ’90s, and inaugurated his own KDJ Records in 1994 with the Moody Trax EP. Following singles like “The Day We Lost the Soul” and “I Can’t Kick This Feelin When It Hits” proved one of the best fusers of short, soulful disco samples to the harder minimalist Detroit techno.

1. Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann -The Set Up
2. Moodymann – Meanwhile Back At Home
3. Don’t You Want My Love
4. Moodymann – Track Four
5. Moodymann – I Like To Know
6. Moodymann – The Day We Lost The Soul Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)
7. Kenny Dixon Jr. – Soul Sounds – January
8. Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feelin When It Hits (Original Mix)
9. Norma Jean Bell – I’m The Baddest Bitch (In The Room) (Moodymann Mix)
10. I Got Werk
11. Black Mahogani
12. Your Sweet Lovin
13. Meanwhile Back At h ome

Music for Spaceports vol. 005

Bring peace and good sleep to your life with Music for Spaceports V ! Keep calm and listen to ambient music 🙂 Not as good as those 4 h 00 looped aphex twin videos that requires (So much!) work on YouTube but still not bad…here is the tracklist:

Music for Spaceports 005_
1) Intro from a movie
2) Michael Sterns : Encounter (Awakening the order)
3) Melotone : Everythings gone
4) Vangelis : Launch approval
5) Mark Isham : Keys (OST from The Hitcher 1986)
6) Stormloop : Space station
7) Stellardrone : The divine cosmos
8) Stellardrone : Eternity
9) Autumn of communion : Interval 1
10) Warmth : Anchorage
11) Warmth : Spherule
12) Loscil : Fromme
13) Biosphere : Mir
14) ASC : A moment alone
15) Chihei Hatakeyama Dirk Serries – Kulde [Glacial Movements]
16) AOC : Streams 05
17) LPF12 : Blurred landscapes
18) Mick Chillage : Two days
19) Jean-Patrice Rémillard : Lucent passage
20) Mick Chillage : Beauty of the desert
21) AOC : Solar Image [Mick Chillage] Remix
22) William Basinski – Disintegration Loops 6 (Dp 6)
23) Brian_Eno_-An_Ending_AscentApollo_11_Moon_Landing-_Remix
24) Stereo Hypnosis & Futuregrapher – Toqqissivoq pt.2

Massive attack in dub

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Mad Professor was contacted by Massive Attack after Protection was released to remix a song for a single. After the single was remixed, the band asked Mad Professor to listen to more of the album to explore the possibility of further remixes. The project then became a track by track remix of almost the entire album. Mad Professor heavily edited the original material to form a slow, pulsating mix in which the beat is emphasised, reverb is extensively used and the occasional vocals (many of the tracks are almost entirely instrumental) fade in-and-out in typical dub fashion.

According to music journalist Robert Christgau, No Protection was the most ballyhooed album during dub music’s revival in the mid-1990s. In his review for The Village Voice, he found the music well defined and textured: “It also sustains a convincing gravity—a sense that all these whooshings and clangings and suckings and scrapings and boomings and snatches of tune relate to each other and the rest of the physical universe. Here is a mix of some of the hidden gems of Massive attack!

1) The Way to Become the Sensuous Woman by “J” – (1969)
2) Lewin Bones Lock – Five Man Army Dub
3) Protection (Extended Mix with Tracey Thorn & Mad Professor)
4) Inertia Creeps (Floating On Dubwise)
5) Better Things (Extended Mix with Tracey Thorn & Mad Professor)
6) Teardrop (Stillhead Remix)
7) Face À la Mer
8) Sly (Underdog mix )
9) Group Four
10) Antistar
11) Mezzanine
12) Spying Glass
13) Trinity Dub [Three]
14) Dissolved Girl
15) Bumper Ball Dub [Karmacoma]
16) Karmacoma (Extended Mix with Mad Professor)
17) Karmacoma (Napoli Trip)
18) Special Cases
19) Massive Attack – Tear Drop (Lulu Rouge Remix)
20) Startled Insects – Cheetah
21) Dubblestandart feat. Amanda Bauman Safe From Harm
22) Unfinished Sympathy (Kamouflage loves Fred remix)
23) Lately – Mark_Pritchard_Remix
24) Future Proof
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