Winter mix

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Photo taken in Mont-Trembland january 2021, Province of Québec. These tracks are showcasing deep techno/ambient/electronica inspiration from the Winter season in the Province of Québec. Starting with distant hints of the abstract ambient dub music of Marc Leclair and finishing things off with IDM outfit Casino versus Japan, a soundtrack for the long midwinter nights to come.


1. Rade Serbedzija (2004) 00:00:00
2. Marc Leclair – 1er jour / Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (2005) 00 :00 :07
3. krill.minima – Submarine Poetry (2004) 00:06:30
4. Trentemoller While The Cold Winter Waiting (2007) 00:12:49
5. James Bernard – Mars Rain / Atmospherics (1994) 00:16:30
6. Koss – Ocean Waves (Minilogue Dream Drone Remix)-2010 00:18:08
7. Remote – Permafrost (2008) 00:24:10
8. Synkro – Recognition (2013) 00:27:33
9. Ariane Moffat – La fille de l’Iceberg (Akufen rework)-2008 00 :29 :27
10. Natur – Space Dub II (2020) 00:35:10
11. Alex Humann – Triangulare (2016) 00:38:53
12. Basic Channel – Radiance II Edit (1993) 00:43:55
13. Signer – Night Is Blurred (2002) 00:47:18
14. Trentemøller – Nightwalker (2006) 00:51:41
15. Idealist – Mountain Sky [Bergamon08]-2018 00:55:26
16. Yagya – Snowflake 1 (1999) 00:57:40
17. Anton Lanski Strange-Star(2018) 01:02:52
18. Route 8 – I Can’t (2018) 01:12:43
19. Deepchord presents Echospace – Sub-Marine (2010) 01:18:42
20. Steve O’Sullivan & Mike Schommer – Submerged (Deepchord negative space exploration (2018) 01:25:20
21. Elting Lieb – Subtraction/Disturbedances (2001) 01:32:10
22. Cari Lekebusch – Obscurus Sanctus (2011) 01:39:20
23. Akufen – Skidoos (2002) 01:46:40
24. Andrey Pushkarev – First Snow (2014) 01:50:20
25. Martin Donath – Winterwaerme (2003) 01:54:40
26. Deepchord – Exploring the North (2016) 02:01:40
27. d. diggler – Silverfinger (Forcetracks)1999 02:08:50
28. Deepchord – Vantage Isle ( Echospace Spatial Dub )-2008 02:14:20
29. Deepchord – Immersion II [AI-10] – 2018 02:18:00
30. Jan Jelinek – Ice 897 (2002) 02:26:40
31. Casino Vs Japan – Go Hawaii (2001) 02:32:10


Drifting In Space – The Fifth Element (Ambient mix)

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The 5th element known as space or aether is the material that fills the region of the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. Integrating experimental techno, actual samples from deep space radioscopy (specifically recordings of pulsars), and spoken words by Dr. Frank Drake (a senior scientist with the SETI Institute). While Project Phoenix scanned about 1,000 stars all within 200 light years, the distance away from Earth makes the travel even further to Proxima Centauri, Ophiuchi and Omega Nebula.

Read more about Frank Drake who recently passed away in september 2022 here.

1. The first man to look at Earth from Space
2. Pulsation – Pulsar (Pete Namlook) – 1992
3. Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – Midnight Air (Muzan Editions – MEDS024 – 2019) – @Bandcamp here.
4. Boqurant –   Lying on Our Backs and counting a Million Stars @Soundcloud profile.
5. Taennya – Hare footprints [natural serenity – 2021 -@Bandcamp here.
6. Atmospheric Dynamics – Slow Comet
7. Mick Chillage – Entering Coordinates (Astronomy For Beginners – 2021) @Bandcamp here.
8. Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue – Shades of Orion 2
9. Carbon based lifeforms – Arecibo (Twentytree – 2011)
10.  Andrew Lahiff – Legends of the Pioneers @Bandcamp here.
11. Spaceci – High flight (Unreleased)
12. Atom Heart – Slow Motion (Our choice EP – 1994)
13. Dots – Dots (Rather Interesting – 1994 )
14. James Bernard – Mars rain (Rising high – Atmospherics – 1994)
15.  “Présence des extraterrestres d’Erich von Däniken
16. SleepResearch_Facility – 79° S 83° W (Deep_Frieze-2007)
17. Dots – Spinout segment (Rather Interesting – 1994)
18. Mick Chillage – Ophiuchi (2022)  @Bandcamp here.
19. SETI – Beacon (Instinct records – Pharos – 1995)
20. Jonah Sharp & Tetsu Inoue aka Electro harmonix – Morphing clouds (FAX-1995)
21. Mick Chillage – Cosmica Sidera [ Parts 1 & 2 ] @Bandcamp here.
22. Monolake – Mass transit railways 
23. Dreamfish – Underwater 
24. LPF12 – Blurred landscapes 
25. Max Richter – Chorale / Glow (Sleep album – 2015)
26. Stellardrone – The pale blue dot 
27. Mer de rêve – Aislin (In silver dust)
28. Altus – Wormhole 
29. Aura minimum – Ritual effect
30. Outro

Anders Trentemøller mix tribute

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Last year I ve made a mix on Trentemoller, just for myself, to listen to on the train journey to Montréal which takes accurately 2 h 33 minutes.

I ended up reworking this one for a few weeks – months. IDK? But the result is a 2 h 22 minutes mixtures of minimal techno, pop, shoegaze, electro, deep house, edits & dark cold wave (Think Joy division) ———> his last 3 albums are absolutely fantastic! Obverse, Fixion and Memoria. It’s like Portishead would meet Ian Curtis for an extended session, and this is why I decided to publish this one.

”Music is for sharing with people. — The Irresistible Force I think there’s a story inside every one of us and we all have different talents that allow us to tell our story whether that be through words, art, crafts, music or simply by sharing our life with those we love. Don’t let your story go untold.” — Susan Rushmore

Trentemøller started music in the late 1990s with different indie rock projects. In 2006, Trentemøller released his debut album The Last Resort. Trentemøller’s later music has been described as synthwave and pop. His early tracks (especially The Last Resort) show influences drawing from early downtempo and trip hop, minimal, glitch, and darkwave with an often cinematic feel. He cited amongst his influences Siouxsie and the Banshees, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode. His music has also been used by film directors, including Oliver Stone (Savages), Pedro Almodóvar (The Skin I Live In), and Jacques Audiard (Rust and Bone).

  1. Jim Morrison – Can We Resolve the Past (The Lost Paris Tapes)
  2. The Doors – (break on through to the other side ) trentemoller mix
  3. Evil Dub
  4. Nightwalker
  5. Chris Isaak – Wicked games (Trentemoller Dub rmx)
  6. Physical Fraction
  7. Moan (Trentemøller Remix)
  8. Booka Shade – Outskirts (Trentemøller Remix)
  9. Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper (Trentemøller Mix)
  10. Trentemøller vs. DJ Lab – Rauta (Girls Mix)
  11. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix)
  12. The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health (Trentmøller Remix)
  13. Royksopp – What Else Is There (Trentemoller Remix)
  14. In Progress
  15. Prana
  16. Sharon Phillips – Want 2 Need 2 (Trentemoller remix)
  17. Le Champagne
  18. Polar Shift
  19. Trentemoller, Buda, Vildtand and Krede – 25 Timer
  20. Into The Trees (Serenetti Part 3)
  21. Feeling Good (Trentemoeller Remix – Chronicles Edit)
  22. Silver surfer, Ghost rider go (lulu rouge feat. abdullah s remix)
  23. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go !!! (Andrew Weatherall Prinz Mix)
  24. Miss you (Nils Hoffmann Remix)
  25. Moby – Go (Trentemoller Remix)
  26. Still On Fire
  27. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (trentemoller remix)
  28. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (official video)
  29. Miss You (Trentemøller Remix)
  30. Trentemøller No One Quite Like You (feat. Tricky)
  31. Sycamore Feeling (Trentemøller Remix)
  32. The Last Resort
  33. November

Dub Tech – 007 (Architextures )

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The warmth and humanity of dub meets the cold & accurate impulses of techno. This mixture of deep techno, fast dub techno and deep house is an example of the power of spatiality. Elements in the mix both have ethereal space along warm woven textures. An architectural, structural, and musical soothing journey. Starting with a dub techno track that samples the movie Blade runner (1982). Put your seatbelt on as this mix will kick upwards 144 BPM!

Volume 7 also on YouTube

1) VK Test intro dub techno —————-
2) Subforms – Sensuality [Biorecordings] / 2012
3) Narson Nelson – Fractals (Markus Masuhr Reduced Dub Edit) / 2021
4) Freund der Familie – Freundlich (Telrae 024) / 2014
5) Claro Intelecto – It’s Getting Late / 2012
6) Blackjoy – Monilola (Argy’s Re-201 mix) / 2009
7) Eric Cloutier – Balsamaceous / 2014
8) Ejeca – Pushed (Bicep remix) / 2012
9) Octal Industries – Wildfire / 2019
10)Ben Buitendijk – Promised Land / 2013
11) Mike Huckaby – Wavetable No. 9 / 2007
12)Wa Wu We – What’s Left / 2018
13)Voices From The Lake – Respiro Live Edit (The Bunker New York 2014)
14)The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea edited
15)Deep’a & Biri – Echoic Memories / 2016
16)Joachim Spieth – Dark Matter (D. Diggler Remix) / 2013
17)Joachim Spieth – Dark Matter (G-Man aka Gez Varley Remix) / 2013
18)Kaap – Godspeed [2019]
19) Nthng – 1996 / 2015
20)David Alvarado _ Blue (Dub) / 2001
21)Jokke Ilsoe – feeling good (Trentemoller remix _ chronicles edit-2007)
22) YWF – OV-099 (Grad_U Reconstruction)
23)LDS – Kgtrs / 2020
24)LDS – Spacecraft To Saturn (A Pilots Responsibility Mix) [2018]
25)Ratio – Early Blow / 1998
26)The Kooky Scientist – Nite Glide / 1997
27) Heavenchord – Warm With LFO / 2019
28)Traumprinz – I Gave My Life [2014]
29)In Aeternam Vale – Ultrabase / 1993

It’s these people called Aphex twins…

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Despite America inventing techno as a whole, it doesn’t seem to understand club culture. When Aphex Twin landed at Coachella for a rare excursion to the desert festival it could be safely surmised that Richard D. James was willing to put a cat amongst the pigeons. Aphex Twin’s sweltering collision of music and graphics seemingly blew literal minds. At least according to this reviewer. The unknown American marveled at “The Aphex Twins” and their difference to other EDM artists, reflecting on her discovery that music can be art, and that the Warp icon has corrupted her soul. It’s hilarious, but – equally – pretty on the money. Listen to it now. No tracklist as the mix was done live for a radio show but all Aphex twin’s music in different monikers, remixes, edits and covers. Intro, 9 un chopped, Rhubarb & Villages, On reworked, Xtal, Heliosphan, Polynominal C, These people called Aphex twins, Analog bubblebath 3, Curve – Falling free, Kosmik Kommando, Caustic window x 2, and Polygon window.

Old School Breakbeats (Turkey – Malaysia – Cambodia – 70s Funk)

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Since the late 70s breakbeats have been sampled and repurposed across an ever-evolving global continuum of electronic music. Over time, this method of beatmaking has become highly intricate and nuanced with some of the more technically demanding examples found in hip-hop and others sub-genres such as trip-hop, downtempo and break breakbeats. This mix is a collection of rare & obscure breakbeats or well-known classics. Some gems found on Asian compilations of bands in Cambodia (1977) and Malaysia !

Ambient techno: the history of…

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The start of the post ambient-rave era.
Chill – Out, mate.

In 1990, Chill Out was released. A masterpiece of beat less ambiance by Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond a.k.a. KLF, it triggered a post-modern era of electronic music and most importantly, the idea that Techno music could be used as much as a DJ tool but also for home listening. As a matter of fact, this was written on the compilation Artificial intelligence, the first proper IDM LP (strictly IDM), released in 1992, on Warp records. Full review:

Chill out is an album released in 1990 by the English band Klf that has basically defined what chill out was about at that span as the concept of a chill-out room only became necessary within the rarified rave culture of the ’80s and ’90s, when club-goers needed a respite from Ecstacy-induced whirling and the random hugging of strangers.

It consists of 40 minutes supposedly excerpted from a 480 minutes of a live chill room performance. This was back when chill was unheard of (or at least cutting edge). Strangely enough, it’s at least 50% Orb, and was just made at the KLF’s studios. All I can say is that it sounds like a mystical journey through the English countryside. If there’s only one ambient album you ever buy, buy this one.

One of the initial works in the ambient house canon, Chill Out is practically a beatless soundtrack to a late-night journey along the Gulf Coast, and the track titles tells much of the story: “Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold,” “3AM Somewhere Out of Beaumont,” “Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul.” Recorded live by Drummond and Cauty (with much unintended help from sample victims Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, and the throat singers of Tüva), Chill Out consists largely of fragmented, heavily reverbed steel guitar, environmental sounds (birds, trains), occasional synth, and an angelic vocal chorus repeating the KLF’s own “Justified and Ancient” theme.

Say what you will about mind-expanding drugs, but without them, the world wouldn’t have Dark side of the moon or KLF’s Chill out. On Chill out, listeners are treated to a sonic collage that works as both fascinating listening and an aural blanket in which to wrap one self to counteract the affect of too many pinging synapses. Each song here is a hallucinatory vignette, filled with sounds that could have been collected from dreams. A sleepy sax floats over ocean noises and seagulls in “Melody From a Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back”, while elsewhere are heavenly choirs, railroad ambience, Tibetan chants, stuttering synthesizers, a snippet of Elvis Presley singing “In the Ghetto”, sounds of thunder, and disembodied voices off the radio. Throughout, Drummond and Cauty display an instinctive talent for wallpaper music that’s truly diverting, making Chill Out one of the essential ambient albums.

V.A. Artificial Inteligence (Warp 1992)

But furthermore, a rarefied, more specific reorientation of Ambient House, dubbed Ambient Techno triggered some of the most amazing electronic records from 1992 to 1998 when the genre morphed into Drill n’ Bass, Jungle, Drum and Bass and a more rhythmic based approach. During that span, artists such as B12, early Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works vol 1- 1991), The Black Dog (Bytes1992), Higher Intelligence Agency, and Biosphere (Microgravity – 1991) clearly distinguished themselves by combining the melodic and rhythmic approaches of Techno and Electro — use of 808 and 909 drum machines but also by merging this approach with well-produced, thin-sounding electronics. Concordantly, Microgravity and Patashnik (1994) used minor-key melodies and alien-sounding samples and sounds — with the soaring, layered, aquatic atmospheres of beat less and experimental ambient. Most often associated with labels such as Apollo, GPR, Warp, and Rising high, the terminology morphed into “intelligent techno” after Warp released its Artificial Intelligence series (although the music’s stylistic references remained largely unchanged).

The household artists are well known: Aphex Twin, Global Communication, Future Sound of London and The Orb. But let’s not eschew the more anonymous outfits that were just as essential. In this article, I will tackle the essentials, the unknown gems but also the year 1994 which marked a revolution in electronic music, and specifically Ambient Techno. Let’s start with the less known gems just as essential as the stars of EM who made it to the big circus:

The lesser known gems: TOP 20 overlooked ambient-techno albums:

Air LiquideNephology / 1994 / Rising High

If there is one electronic that never got its props, it certainly is German outfit Air Liquide. A bit of acid, techno, ambient, downtempo, bleak voice samples or all of the afro-mentioned elements, they were truly a product of the 90’s: a pre-internet era obsessed with technology and its impact on humans, Ufology, people undergoing therapy, or just high on drugs. Sheer eclectic diversity. But above all I think ‘’If There Was No Gravity’’ stood the test of time as the ultimate anthem of ambient techno IMO. A sultry female voice is layered of a delicate synth line, it’s almost as if Sade took some acid and sang over techno music. Just incredible music.

B-12Time Tourist / 1995 / Warp

Like many British producers, B12‘s Mike Golding and Steve Rutter are obsessed with the music and mythology of Detroit. While their music draws primarily from European electronica, their sounds are unabashedly steeped in the rough textures and urban sci-fi concepts of the Motor City. On Time Tourists, the follow-up to 1993’s acclaimed Electro-Soma, B12 show a more evolved and mature side of this aesthetic. Crystalline melodies reminiscent of Vangelis are pushed to the forefront, while a clattering background of percussion keeps time from a respectful distance. In keeping with the album’s concept (time travel and retro-futurism), they project electronic music 200 years into the future, where all the gimmicks have worn thin and solid production reigns supreme. Although the featured artist for the album is B12, on the packaging, each track is associated with one of B12’s aliases: CMetric, Redcell, or Musicology. The track title VOID/Comm refers to “VOID/Comm R&D“, a fictional 22nd-century company whose “B12 Systems” division developed “WorldCOM“, a shared-mind technology which frees humans from physical interpersonal contact and the need to use very much of their brains. “VOID/Comm” is likely in reference to the Voigt/Kampf test administered in Blade Runner. The album’s packaging makes reference to a number of other science fiction names corrupted over two centuries — Phettt (Boba Fett), Hein Len (Robert A. Heinlein), Seaclarc (Arthur C. Clarke), A.C Mov (Isaac Asimov), and Kaydich (Philip K. Dick) — as well as to the Roddenberry and Lucas “Sacred StarTexts”.

Beaumont HannantTexturology / 1994 GPR (General Production Recordings) 

Beaumont Hannant was an eclectic producer who released four LPs during 1993-94 but then all but retired his solo work for a place in the trip-hop duo Outcast. Texturology continues and expands Beaumont Hannant’s explorations of sound, from the long swirls and breaks of “Teqtonic” to the sedate but no less complex Vague.” Hannant oftentimes holds back his melodies until the midway point (as in “Shades of Haze), establishing the mood first. A Summer Spent” is a warm slice of melancholy, while the modulated voices in “Oblique” adds a certain eeriness. The tracks also show careful development: the various iterations of “Crouton” flow into one another. Texturology seems to have more consistency than Hannant’s previous long player and holds together better as an album. Latur drifts quietly at the start, only to introduce some acid-laced waveforms midway and a delicate piano line towards the end. In 1994 Hannant recorded three full-lengths (Texturology, Bitter Sweet, Sculptured) for GPR, each possessing a variety of styles. By 1995, however, Hannant had begun to diversify his talents, providing remixes for Autechre, Björk and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.


Black Dog Bytes / 1992 / Warp — Spanners / 1995 /  Warp

For me you can’t compare Bytes to Spanners or vice-versa. Both albums are completely different with different objectives, both stand equally but in vastly different places. Surely this must be the Black Dog’s greatest work. A masterpiece from start finish, it’s very hard to categorize the music, but there is a definite Egyptian feel to some of the tracks. A must have album. I bought this when it came out (as I was and am a huge admirer of ‘Bytes,’ and the GPR Black Dog and their many aliases) and in truth, it’s never far from my record deck.


True electronic Soul. And the more I think about it, the more it sounds like the future and vastly superior to so much electronic music being made today. If some producers put a fraction of the effort, wit, soul and love into their music that these tracks have, we would have far more sonically adventurous ideas to listen to. Inspiring and inspirational. Chase the Manhattan refers to Roswell U.F.O. crash (another ufology reference) and was used in a number of ads when it came out in 1994.

Bola – Soup / 1998 / Skam

Bola’s first album send a shockwave through the realms of electronic music. A brooding piece of atmospheric soundscapes, to this day it still sounds amazing. Darell Fitton had already released music, most notably on the Artificial Intelligence compilation volume II that is, in 1994. On his first and best endeavor to date, he manages to stay sharp with his chilled beats and those sounds are quite simply magnificent. IDM and ambient techno perfection & combination. ‘’Glink’’ is one the most perfect atmospheric tracks ever conceived.

Carl CraigMind Of A Machine / 1995 / Blanco y Negro

If only for the title track which features electric guitar played by Carl Craig himself! This track was featured on my highly personal mix of favorite in the genre  and is quite simply breathtaking.

It features a rhythmic pulse and shifting moody melody very Derrick May-ish (one can see why Craig was the pupil of May. He is to May what Anakin Skywalker was to Obi-wan Kenobi: his recent music became twisted and evil) This album still sounds tremendously avant-garde despite being released in 1995.
At the time of its release, the label it was released on, Blanco y Negro, didn’t know how to properly market it and it became quickly forgotten. I remember seeing the manager of the record store in Québec City having a spare copy and him telling me: ‘’No one wants this, they don’t know what to do with it’’. How much are you selling the CD? 50 $.’’ 1995 mind you! The other songs are equally as gorgeous.


F.U.S.E.Dimension Intrusion / 1991 / Warp / Plus 8

Dimension Intrusion is the debut studio album by Canadian electronic music producer Richie Hawtin, released under the alias F.U.S.E. Originally released on Plus 8 in June 1993, it is the fifth release in Warp’s ArtificialIntelligence series. Dimension Intrusion has been described as “a record which really demonstrates Hawtin’s range as a producer” and “one of his most melodic, immediate works”. In 2012, Fact placed it at number 38 on its list of the “100 Best Albums of the 1990’s.

Higher Intelligence Agency Colorform / 1993 / Beyond

The first HIA aka Bob Bird and Dave Wheels connected Birmingham to the Ambient Techno era with an album that starts strong, bridging the “gap” between bleep Techno and ambience. Soft pads and hooks intertwine with blips, bleeps, quirky percussion, electro flavourings and distinct proto-IDM-tinged atmospheres. The same goes for Freefloater. Both are mid-90s ambient classics but their reach extends beyond that of an insomnia cure, mostly because they escape easy pigeonholing. It’s music at slow speed and with a space density that does emanate calm and melodic grace. Very underrated and overlooked.

Irresistible Force – Flying High (Rising High 1994)

Irresistible ForceGlobal Chillage / 1991 /  &  Flying High / 1994 /  Rising High

Global Chillage brings The Irresistible Force around for another round of ambient bliss, as “Natural Frequency” brings in the sustained tones, filling the track with layered chords and arpeggios. “Downstream” brings in some steel pan tones for a momentary island excursion, while “Moonrise” sweeps up and down the spectrum, as if searching for just the right tone, and “Sunstroke” stretches out like a digital sunset, even as the chorus hums its way into being. But for a more melancholy, icy trip, “Waveform” sounds samples Terence Mc Kenna, and the short “Manifesto” closes things one a dubby note. Another extraordinary listening experience.

Irresistible Force – Global Chillage (Rising High 1991)

Easily as good as The Orb’s debut, Flying High remains something of a watershed moment in Ambient; this was a golden age for the music and seemed to peak in 1994, when labels such as Virgin decided that ‘head music’ was going to be the next big thing.

A single violin starts off Symphony In E and loops its way through the track, but “Mountain High (Live)” eases into the more pure ambient you’ve been waiting for. A blissful trip. Amazing album, still a favourite- Flying High and Symphony in E – samples – Spacemen 3Ecstasy in Slow Motion. With tongue-in-cheek samples from new age guides, and drifting, spacey drones, it had enough forward momentum (thanks to subtle pulses which kept one nodding to the music rather than nodding off) to avoid stagnation- which is a trap many who made ‘ambient’ material fell into. Symphony in E is a stellar mind trip, and unashamedly psychedelic recalling the Komische Musik of the 70’s. The other tracks too are gems. Pretty much essential if you are a fan of this genre.


James Bernard – Atmospherics 1994 / Rising High

Euph starts the CD with a deep, ominous and eerie beginning to what will be a wonderful trip into space. Complete Nonsense changes that. Your ship just went on remote auto pilot and you get redirected into a sci-fi interference like you landed on the wrong planet. Last minute of that song bridging to Helix sounds like Brian Eno Apollo release. Helix takes you out of harm’s way and back on your original mission. As it floats you about in awe it then cuts and Phosphorous begins to build. More eerie sci-fi melodics and voice samples like “it just won’t stop singing in my head” and “the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried is to clear the mind“. Acid line comes out over bassline nearly making this a trance track without the beat. Mars Rain is exactly how it sounds. As the song progresses the thunder sounds like bombs a little bit which makes the track even more eerie. Odyssey gives you time to reflect and recount your journey in your journal. James Bernard’s Atmospherics is one of the best ambient works of 1994. My favorite year in electronic music. Rising High delivered some excellent ambient and trance during those days. This album is widely known as one of the best.

RELOADA Collection of Short Stories / 1993 / Infonet

Industrial beats and dark spacey melodies makes this concept album, a real space journey with an amazing booklet. Samples from the film 2001 (among others) probably seem a bit passé nowadays, but make no mistake, this is a real classic release. I remember reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer at the same time as I bought this and the two are forever linked in my head. Sci-fi soundscapes, quality melodies and then occasional moments of industrial madness all add up here. A great recording of early ’90s IDM, dark and brooding with a distinct sci-fi feel, alternating with beautiful, soaring Reload-trademark lushness.

Robert LeinerVisions of the Past / 1994 / Apollo

’From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space; these are stories of the future, adventures in which you’ll live in a million could-be years on a thousand may-be worlds” is the intro to the US 1950’s sci-fi radio-play series X Minus One but also to the magnificent album Visions of the Past by Swedish producer Robert Leiner. Track 3 contains a sample from the movie 2010 (sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey).  “Something’s going to happen – something wonderful“. This album stands out amongst quite a lot of release in that it feels more cohesive and melodic in part because Leiner, a.k.a. Source Experience made beautiful Progressive Trance, here in a more Ambient kind of John Digweed meets Banco de Gaia; less pulsating and with more ambient soundscapes. Again a completely overlooked album of very high quality.

Speedy JG-Spot / 1995 / Plus 8

After Ginger (1993) released in the A.I. series, Speedy J aka Jochem Paap release the sumptuous album G-Spot. A double CD release on both Warp records and Plus 8 records (Richie Hawtin’s old label) it feature a live PA and his album from which the title track, G-spot, came through. This is pure funky Ambient-Techno: as much atmospherics as it is groovy. The best stuff he ever put out as this album has a lot of mellow tunes and some Ambient gem. Essential!

Sun Electric30.7.94 Live / 1994 / R&S

As I write this, Sun Electric’s 30.7.94 is over 13 years old and it endures as one of the majestic achievements of Ambient electronica. In this listener’s opinion, it’s up there near the best, along with Global Communication “76:14”, Deep Space Network Earth To Infinity, Atom Heart & Tetsu Inoue Datacide 2, Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network, I F and Biosphere’s Patashnik. Throughout this live recording, the music shimmers – nothing I have ever heard has had this peculiar quality. There are complex loops, subtle drum programming, and seamless samples that lead to several breathtaking climaxes that induce goosebumps. As many times as I have heard this record it is always a thrill. This is absolutely essential for any serious electronica fan. A seriously mesmerizing combination of ambient techno, warm basslines, and classic space music sequencer work. The B-side goes through three distinct movements, all underpinned by the same fuzzy, cycling bassline. A kick drum breaks out partway through, but you may not even notice, so engrossing is the combination of elements at work. But the A-side is just splendid: a brooding, bubbling 21-minute piece which breaks out into a gentle shuffle reminiscent of classic Detroit Techno. Wonderful music from the very first listen, and it hasn’t aged a bit. Chase this one down and you won’t be sorry!


V.A. Trance Europe Express & Trance Europe Express 2

Microglobe – Trust samples the movie The Abyss but the whole of those two compilation were awfully essential at the time and while some have aged well, such as the quintessential Semi-Detached by Orbital, the majority of those tracks still bear either nostalgia feeling or just plain artistic craftsmanship. Speedy JFun Equations from the G-Spot album, The Irresistible ForceLotus Position, FFWDLucky Saddle all makes up for a superb compilation. The booklet was gorgeous!

V.A. Apollo 2The Divine Compilation / 1995 / Apollo

The 90’s produced some fantastic and timeless electronica. This compilation really showcases some of them artists. Here was displayed for the first time the many variants of IDM, showing that there was much more to Ambient than just atmospheric instrumental tracks: from the deep moody electronica of David Morley or Biosphere, to the dub-influenced collages of The Orb’s remix of Electrotete, and the Detroit Techno of Model 500 at its most subtle, every track here is a gem, making it an unrivalled release. Opens your ears, refreshes your mind.

Global Communication Remotion Remix Album / 1995 / Dedicated

The remix of Wild Horse from Nav Katze builds and builds with layers of swirling ambience, vocals, reverb and the kitchen sink but manages not to sound overcrowded and just works. Their best remix in my opinion. And the Global Communication guys offer a rougher, Detroit-edged slant on Crazy Dream, but take the cake with Wild Horse a long, melodic journey into ambiance. In the mid- to late-90s, Global Communication was at the top of their game, and this remix shows why.

Warp 69Natural High gets a jazzy and almost loungy remix from GC that last almost 9-10 minutes. It’s one aspect truly missing about tracks nowadays. You don’t have tracks with 4 minutes intro like Vapourspace or slow build ups, every kick has to come up quickly, not subtlety. This album also features 2 tracks from The Chapterhouse remix album, easily their best material – also released in 1994.

New Electronica Compilations / 1993 – 1996 / New Electronica

UK electronic music label owned by Tim Millington which released several compilations showcasing the best of Techno from around the world, often licensing material from other labels such as Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) and Eevo Lute Muzique but also releasing many original works. Now defunct but utterly essential mellow ambient techno especially the gorgeous track ‘’Reload: The Biosphere (Global Communication remix)’’.

Chill Out Or Die! / 1993 / Rising High

A real spacey album; a prime slice of ambient brilliance selected and mixed by Morris Gould, aka Mixmaster Morris. Opening with Pete Namlook’s brilliant Sequential project- all rumbling drones and skeletal harmonies; and then mingling with Morris’ own Space Is The Place. I was surprised that I didn’t know many of the acts on here (apart from the two above and the ever-excellent Bedouin Ascent ); but Morris has chosen well and they are all little gems. Genuine chill-out! Essential, really!!!


69 – The Sound of Music / 1995 / R&S

Carl Craig used numerous moniker over the course of his career. R&S compiled the 1994 EPs Sound on Sound and Lite Music, released by Carl Craig as 69, for this 1995 collection. It spotlights his most consistently funky, lo-fi material with classics like “Jam the Box,” “My Machines” and “Microlovr” leading the way. Very overlooked material here from Carl Craig, and some of his best. The tracks on this disc are funky and have a bit of an electro vibe, closer to his Paperclip People stuff than the music he releases under his own name. This music is more intricate and has cleaner production values than the Paperclip People material though. Basically, you get some icy synth melodies over some skittering drum patterns with some spidery sequencer loops laid over it. Very well done and way ahead of its time. The peak of his career may be the track Desire languish Detroit moody ambient techno track that features some decrescendo and arpeggio. Highly recommended, and not just for fans of Detroit Techno. Too bad the more expanded vinyl boxset isn’t available on CD.

Let me see, the following albums and EP’s were released in 1994: Orbital’s Snivillisation, 76:14, Selected Ambient Works Vol.2, the EP On, Robert Leiner – Visions of the Past, FFWD (Fast Forward Weston aka Dr Alex Paterson); the timeless and best remix of Richard D. James Time To Find Me from SeeFeelAFX Fast mix, on the Too Pure label, the second volume to the Artificial intelligence series on Warp with the sultry and timeless beauty of Utuba by Beaumont Hannant. Also released the same year: James Bernard: Phosphorous, Global Hillage, Autechre’s Amber, If there was no gravity by Air Liquide, ISDN and of course, Lifeforms by Future Sound Of London. For some elusive reasons, the scene of not only Ambient but also Techno, and Trance and Electronica reached a truly artistic peak in 1993 and 1994.

It reminds me of something I read in Mrs. FlanneryO’Connor’s short stories some years ago: “Everything That Rises Must Converge”. The title Everything That Rises Must Converge refers to a work by the French philosopher Pierre Teilhardde Chardin titled the Omega Point: Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.” And things did converge in 1994.

100 essential tracks of ambient-techno

  1. The Irresistible force : Space is the place (Intergalactic Ambient Mix)
  2. James Bernard : Phosphorous
  3. Microglobe : Trust
  4. Richard H. Kirk : The number of magic
  5. David Morley : Evolution
  6. Saint Etienne : Skin up you’re already dead Autechre remix (1994 EP)
  7. 808 State : Pacific state
  8. Leftfield : Song of life
  9. Gescom : Puzl
  10. Air Liquide : Liquid air
  11. Opus III – It’s A Fine Day
  12. Speedy J – G spot (J Spot mix)
  13. Orbital : Chime crime
  14. Transform : Transformation (The The Irresistible force mix)
  15. Carl Craig : Science fiction
  16. Vapour Space : Gravitational arch of 10
  17. Underworld : Dark & Long (Dark Train mix)
  18. Higher intelligence agency : Speedlearn
  19. Photek : Kanei / T-reanon (1996)
  20. Kinetic : Golden girls (David Morley’s Apollo mix)
  21. The Irresistible force : Waveform
  22. LFO : Helen
  23. Claude Young : Gates of the afterlife
  24. Beaumont hannant : Utuba
  25. Autechre : Eutow (1996)
  26. D-Breeze – Crazy For Love – remixed Autechre (1999)
  27. FSOL : Her face forms in summertime (1996)
  28. FSOL : My kingdom part 1 (1996)
  29. FSOL : Papua new guinea (Monson remix) [1991]
  30. Leftfield : Space shanty (1995)
  31. Links : Chameleon (1995)
  32. Global communication : Maiden voyage (1994)
  33. Aphex twin : On (Reload remix) (1993)
  34. Reload : Le soleil et la mer (1993)
  35. Leftfield : Release the pressure (1992)
  36. The 7 th plain : To be surreal
  37. Plastikman : Glob (1993)
  38. Age of Love : Age of love (Jam & Spoon – 1990)
  39. Jam & Spoon : Stella (1992)
  40. Spacetime continuum with Terence Mc Kenna : Speaking in tongues (1993)
  41. Carl Craig : A wonderful life (1995)
  42. Irresistible force : Sunstroke (1994)
  43. LFO : Advance (1996)
  44. Black dog : Raxmus (1994)
  45. FSOL : Domain (1994)
  46. Merck : Balil (1992)
  47. U.S.E. : Dimension intrusion (1991)
  48. Reload : Event horizon (1993)
  49. Reload : The enlightment (1993)
  50. Reload : Teq (1993)
  51. Biosphere : The third planet (1994)
  52. Bola : Glink (1998)
  53. FSOL : Papua new guinea [Long 12 mix] (1991)
  54. F.O. : LFO [Leed warehouse mix] (1991)
  55. Autechre : Clipper (1998)
  56. Nav Katze : Wild horses [Global communication mix] (1994)
  57. Sister Love : The hypnotist [1991 ambient mix] (1991)
  58. Darell Fitton : Blipsalt
  59. 69 aka Carl Craig : Desire (1994)
  60. Air Liquide : If there’s no gravity (1994)
  61. Robert Leiner : To places you’ve never been (1994)
  62. System 7 : Altitude [Mayday mix] (1992)
  63. Slam : White shadows (1996)
  64. Orbital : Lush [1926 Trancendance mix ] (1993)
  65. Speedy J : G spot (1995)
  66. Carl Craig : At les (1997)
  67. Leftfield : Song of life (1992)
  68. Link : Amenity ( 1998)
  69. Max 404 : Infinite legs (1995)
  70. Detroit Escalator company : Force (1996)
  71. Sean Deason : Interlude (2000)
  72. Speedy J : Lanzarote (1995)
  73. Reload : Rota link – 1993 / 624 try 621 – 1991
  74. Aphex Twin : Tha – 1993
  75. The Orb : Little fluffy clouds – 1991
  76. Jedi Knights : The thruth – 1996
  77. Reload : The biosphere (Global communication remix) – 1993
  78. Robert Leiner : Out of control – 1994
  79. The Black dog : Chase the Manhattan – 1996
  80. Orbital : Halcyon on + on – 1992
  81. Orbital: Out there somewhere? – 1996
  82. Boards of Canada : Aquarius – 1998
  83. Carl Craig : Mind of a machine – 1994
  84. Autechre : Lowride – 1993
  85. AFX : (CAT 00897-AA1) – 1993
  86. F.O. : Simon from Sydney – 1991
  87. Cmetric aka B-12 : Void / Comm – 1996
  88. S.O.L. : Smokin japanese babe – 1994
  89. Warp 69 : Natural high (Global communication remix) – 1995
  90. John Beltran : Collage of dreams – 1996
  91. Leftfield : Melt – 1995
  92. Orbital : Semi-detached (1994)
  93. Speedy J : Symmetry (Live – 1995)
  94. The Higher Intelligence Agency : Hubble (1995)
  95. The Black Dog : Psil Cosyin (1995)
  96. Move D : Amazing Discoveries (1995)
  97. Tournesol : Orange planet (1994)
  98. Biosphere : Novelty Waves (Biosphere Arctic Mix – 1995)
  99. Orbital – Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster ’94) Walk About (John Peel Sessions 1994)
  100. Speedy J – G-Spot (J Spot Mix – 1995)                                                                                       Funky Jeff more on the subject here.

Virtual Dreams Vol – 001 (4 H 33) – Ambient techno & IDM from the 90’s

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Drawing heavily on the sounds of the Chicago house, Detroit techno, electro-pop, and ambient electronica music genres, IDM embraces a cool, detached, digital aesthetic. Prior to IDM, most electronic music was created with the dance floor in mind, which is why IDM’s parent genre is commonly known as electronic dance music or EDM. Yet intelligent dance music compositions tend to focus primarily on aural aesthetics, with danceability a lesser point of emphasis.

A Brief History of Intelligent Dance Music

With roots in 1980s rave culture, IDM evolved into a distinct genre by the 1990s.

  • Rave roots: From a musical standpoint, intelligent dance music is a direct continuation of the electronic music that dominated raves in the 1980s. The propulsive rhythms and digital soundscapes of Chicago house, acid house, and Detroit techno all made their way into 1990s electronica. The emergence of new artists and new ways of promoting the music helped differentiate IDM from other types of electronic music.
  • Marketing terminology: The term “intelligent dance music,” or IDM, likely originated as a marketing term. The IDM List was an early ‘90s mailing list dedicated to the artists found on Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence compilation. Artists on the compilation included Autechre and Speedy J, but soon the mailing list included other electronica musicians such as Aphex Twin and Plaid, as well as those on labels like Planet Mu, Toytronic, Schematic, Isophlux, Skam, Merck, and Musik Aus Strom.
  • Pushback: From the outset, the term “intelligent dance music” received pushback from listeners and musicians. While the textured music was more likely to reward close listening than a pulsating Chicago house track, the word “intelligent” implied a musical sophistication that seemed questionable or pretentious. As such, the phrase fell out of favor by the end of the 1990s, although textured, ambient electronic music continues to be produced.

3 Characteristics of Intelligent Dance Music

Since the term “IDM” originated from Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence series, the music has featured several defining characteristics.

  1. Ambient textures: IDM tends to emphasize soundscapes—many of them ambient—rather than propulsive beats that drive revelers to the dance floor.
  2. Digital aesthetic: Some electronic music styles lean heavily on hip-hop and funk samples. IDM does sample some of these sounds, but it often emphasizes a cooler, more serene texture. Eventually, IDM artist Venetian Snares helped pioneer the breakbeat genre, which incorporated old-school funk and jazz sampling.
  3. Rewarding close listening: Top IDM artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada produce records that reward close listening on headphones. The style tends to offer more subtleties than loud, pulsing club music.

Virtual dreams: Ambient & IDM from the 1990’s

  1. Virtual dreams intro
  2. Plastikman – DRP (Mute / Sheet one: 1993)  Major Briggs vision and dream (Twin Peaks : 1990)
  3. Aqualite vs Xylon – Zweiundvierzigfieber (Night before lunch : 1997)
  4. Hydrosphere – Nebula (UFA – Unidentified Floating Ambience: 1993)
  5. Biosphere – Cloudwalker II (Apollo / Microgravity : 1992)
  6. Opal – The snake (One off recordings EP Sampled 1993)
  7. Irresistible force – Waveform (Astralwerks / Global chillage: 1994)
  8. James Bernard : Mars rain (Rising high / Atmospherics : 1994)
  9. James Bernard : Euph (Rising high / Atmospherics : 1994)
  10. Space Time continuum : Fluresence (Reflective / Fluresence E.P.: 1993)
  11. F.S.O.L. – Lifeforms Path IV (Lifeforms : 1994)
  12. L.F.O. – Goodnight Vienna (Warp / Advance : 1996)
  13. Spooky – Orange colored liquid ( Guerilla records Gargantuan :1993)
  14. Aphex twin – Blue calx (Warp / Selected ambient works vol. 2 : 1994)
  15. Casino vs Japan – It’s very sunny (City center offices / Go Hawaï: 2000)
  16. Bochum Welt – La nuit – Slumber mix (Rephlex / Feelings on a screen : 1997)
  17. Aphex twin – Rhubarb edited (Unreleased)
  18. Dimitri II – Ambient Zone (Zolex records EP /1996)
  19. Blade runner Voight-Kampff test
  20. Cosmic Baby – A Tribute To Blade Runner (L.A. 2018 Main Title) (Long Version: 1994)
  21. Air Liquide – Things happen (Blue /  Air Liquide : 1993)
  22. Cult 48  – Thunder My Companion (C48 / 1.1 : 2021)
  23. ITN ITV News Report on Leeds Rave Summer 1990
  24. L.F.O. – Shove Piggy Shove (Warp / Advance : 1996)
  25. John Tejada – Genetical Love (CiM Mix Two) DeFocus [2001]
  26. AFX – 5 Scorrier (Caustic Window’s 101 Rainbows Ambient Mix)
  27. Syzygy – I Am The Sky (Morphic Resonance / Rising high : 1994)
  28. Astral Engineering – NGC (Chronoglide / Worm interface (1994)
  29. L.F.O. – El Ef Oh! (Warp / Frequencies :1991)
  30. Jega – Phlax (Skam EP : 1996)
  31. Tipper – No dice (Myutopia Recordings/Surrounded:2003)
  32. MF Doom vs Boards of Canada -Happy Cycling Ladies
  33. Tampax advert as sampled by Aphex Twin
  34. Abfahrt Hinwil – Trilogy (Toytronic : Links Berge Rechts Seen : 2002)
  35. Terence Mckenna – Schizophrenic or Shamanic
  36. Cult 48 – Counter Dream (C48 / 1.1 : 2021)
  37. D’Breez _ Crazy for Love [Autechre Remix: MASK 500]
  38. Skee Mask – Routine (Ilian Tape / ISS002: 2017)
  39. Slowdive – In Mind (Creation records EP : 1993)
  40. The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Less Fluff Mix)
  41. Crab Nebula – Bitstream ( City center offices : 2002)
  42. Clipper Autechre  (Warp / Tri Repetae : 1995)
  43. Biosphere – Baby Interphase (Remix II) (1993)
  44. Biosphere – Cygnus-A (Apollo / Microgravity : 1992)
  45. David Morley – Evolution  (Apollo 001 : 1992)
  46. The Black Dog  – Chase The Manhattan (Warp/ Spanners: 1995)
  47. CiM – Shift (Delsin / Service pack EP : 1999)
  48. Aphex Twin (CAT 00897 AA1) [Rephlex: Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3: 1993]
  49. Future Sound Of London – Cascade (Astralwerks EP : 1993)
  50. The Fires of Ork – Talk to the Stars (Fax +49-69/450464 / Fires of Ork : 1993)
  51. Autechre – Eutow (Warp / Tri Repetae : 1995)
  52. Disjecta – Gammi (Warp / Clean Pit And Lid: 1996)
  53. Darrell Fitton (Bola) – Blipsalt (Warp / Artificial Intelligence II: 1994)
  54. Skee Mask – LFO ( Ilian Tape / Pool: 2021)
  55. Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix)
  56. 1966 Children about future    Reload – Peshi (Evolution / Autoreload EP: 1992)
  57. Joey Beltram – Drome (Warp / The Caliber EP: 1995)
  58. Cosmic Baby – A Tribute To Blade Runner (A Tribute To Blade Runner)
  59. Om – Here Comes The Sun (Deep Trance Ambient Experience: 1993)
  60. O.H.M. – Oceanic (Original Mix: Entropy EP:1995)
  61. Aphex Twin – Isoprophlex (R&S Records / Digeridoo: 1992)
  62. Orbital – Lush (1926 Trancendance Mix 1993)
  63. Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz (Manuel-M Transition Mix)
  64. R-Tyme – R-Theme (Dramatic Mix : Transmat : 1989)
  65. Orbital vs. Opus III Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Halcyon + It’s A Fine Day
  66. Glam – My Mother Said (Cosmic Trance Mix: DFC _My mother said:1992)
  67. Sandoz White Tab_Steel Darkness (Tetrodotoxin Mix)
  68. Carl Craig-A_wonderful_life_(epic_mix)
  69. The Advent –  Audio Illusion [TRUCD 8]
  70. Space Time Continuum – Timewave Zero (Alien Dreamtime : 1993)

Electro podcast : Deep Electronics # 359

Here is the 359th chapter of the Deep Electronics serie. Released every two weeks the serie brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music. This week Jeff Chill is back with another set here on the channel. This time old and new Elektro music will sound tru your speakers! Prepare for a 1-hour journey into the abyss of elektro.

01. DJ Stingray 313 Lead From the Shadows
02. Alden Tyrell – Obsession (More Obsession Remix)
03. Plant 43 – Cavernous Bones
04. Sound Synthesis — Mechanics of Dreams
05. The Advent – Wasper – Comply EP
06. The Advent – Stasis V2 [CE035]
07. The Advent – Funkage
08. DJ Stingray 313 Reverse Engineering
09. A Number of Names – Sharivari 2013 (Aux 88 Digital Mix)
10. Anthony Rother-EXT
11. Sound Synthesis – Neurolink Cyborg
12. Cignol — Solar Drift
13. KZA – Mechanique (2010)
14. Voice Stealer – Evaluation (Original) [KNOE 72]
15. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene II _ Remix (Axelsoft’s Night Version)

Loungin mix vol 006 for the summer (2022)

Loungin: To move or act in a lazy, relaxed way; loll: lounging on the sofa; lounged around in pajamas. Featuring Andrew Weatherhall remixes, Funki porcini, and Amon Tobin.

  1. Transmitting Live From Mars De La Soul
  2. Funki Porcini – Purrfect
  3. Adam Halogen – Length and Brecht (Synkro Remix)
  4. DJ Morpheus – Brain Thing
  5. Luke Vibert – Music Called Jazz
  6. Electric Counterpoint Edit
  7. Bob Marley – Sun is Shining Remix (chill out remix)
  8. Amon Tobin – Slowly – Supermodified
  9. L’Impératrice – Vanille fraise
  10. BP Fallon & David Holmes – ‘Henry McCullough’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  11. BP Fallon & David Holmes – ‘Henry McCullough’ (Andrew Weatherall Dub)
  12. Yves Simon – Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet (Psychemagik Edit)
  13. Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino
  14. Nick Holder – Summer Daze
  15. The Doors edit
  16. Edit Butthler – La Cantina [Star Wars jazzy mix]
  17. Nina Simone – Sinnerman (Felix da Housecat’s Heavenly House Extended Vocal Mix)
  18. Frenic – Deep Secrets
  19. Björk – Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt remodel 12” remix)
  20. Beck – Cellphone’s Dead (Jamie Lidell Limited Minutes remix)
  21. Nightmares On Wax – Night’s Introlude
  22. Ariane Moffatt – Everybody Hurts 
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