4 h 00 ambient mix : Space 10

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2009-2019 : Space mixes # 1 to 9. In 2009, I started mixing live ambient sets at my radio show, each saturday afternoon in Québec city. I don’t think more than 6 people were listening (including my GF at that time) but later on, in 2011, I published the first one on Soundcloud : Space III. Now after 30 000 plays of them, I decided to make a best of mixing the best of them. The result is a spaced-out mix that might seriously soothe your mind & body. Pillow not included but highly recommended ! Space 10 : over 4 h 00 of ambient, drones and flying soundscapes in Space!

1) David Holmes & Jon Hopkins
2) w/Stephen Rea : Elsewhere Anchises
3) SIJ : Breathing
4) Stellardrone : Eternity
5) ISHQ : Globular cluster
6) Demlike stare : Mathilda’s dream
7) ISHQ : And awake
8) Yagya : Slow & low
9) Koss : Beauty
10) Biosphere : Startoucher
11) ISHQ : Sol Tokyo
12) Aphex Twin : Blue calx
13) Aythar : Astronautica
14) Biosphere : Kobresia
15) Global communication : 4:02
16) Global communication : Ob-selon-mi-os
17) Monolake : Mass transit railways
18) Electroharmonix (Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp) :
Morphing cloud / Spaceci : High flight
19) Lustmord : Metastatic resonance
20) Radio Scotvoid : I Love Special K (Mick Chillage Black Hole Mix)
21) Autumn of communion : Autumn of communion
22) Mick Chillage : Seroni
23) The Fires of Ork 2 : When the night was black
24) Pete Namlook & Bobby Bird/HIA : Secret location
25) Melancolios – Contentement
26) Sage Taylor – Interplanetary traveller
27) Aythar – Cosmic resonance part 2
28) Mick Chillage : Approaching Antares
29) Architects of existence : Part IV
30) Ryoji Ikeda : Luxus part 1-3
31) Steve Roach : Birth Still Of Places
32)Sultan : Gel Gör Beni Ask N’eyledi
33) Aphex twin : Stone in focus
34)Koss : Ocean_waves__minilogue_dream_drone_remix
35) Reload : The enlightenment
36) Ishqamatics – Angels On The Stairway
37) ISHQ : Fluid Earth
38) Michael Stern : Encounter (**The awakening**)
39) Brian Eno : The secret place
40) Brian Eno : An_Ending_Ascent_-_Apollo_11_Moon_Landing_-_Remix

5 documentaries on electronic music that are must-see

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1) Drexciya : Why Drexciya took Detroit electro underwater 2019

In those two films, the first one being rather a short film, we dive into the mythology behind Detroit electro’s most influential duo. As Drexciya, the Detroit duo Gerald Donald and James Stinson made some of the best electro ever put to record. Through their track titles, artwork and lyrics, they imagined an expansive science fiction universe populated by people who lived underwater—the descendants of pregnant slaves thrown overboard during transatlantic journeys—and beings from outer space. Following in the footsteps of artists like Sun Ra and George Clinton, Drexciya created an Afrofuturist fantasy that remains captivating and emotional today. In this film, we explore the roots of Donald and Stinson’s unique take on electro, the aquatic mythology that surrounds it, and their lasting impact on electronic music.

The second film, a bit longer at 15 minutes delves more into the history and legacy of Drexciya. Perhaps one of the most fascinating document on Detroit techno I have seen.  Thanks to Abdul Haqq for your Drexciya imagery. Thanks to the Drexciya Research Lab. Check out his blog here.
2) The sound of Belgium : 2012
The Sound of Belgium’ explores the rich but untold story of Belgian electronic dance music. From the grand dance halls with Decap organs to the golden days of Popcorn; From dark and cold Electronic Body Music and New Beat to Belgian House and Techno An alternative chronicle of unique popular music, ‘The Sound of Belgium’ goes in search of the spirit of a nation and the people that danced to it.

Excellent playlist of music featured in the film ! Click here.
3) Dub echoes : 2008
Director Bruno Natal through interviews with over 40 key names on the history of dub, electronic music and hip hop, connects the dots between of the otherwise fragmented relation between all this genres. Featuring Howie B, 2 many DJ’s, Lee Scratch Perry and Adrian Sherwood.

4) Black to techno
Directed by Jenn Nkiru, part of the ‘Second Summer of Love’ series in collaboration with Frieze, traces the lineage of techno via its birthplace in Detroit and later innovation in Berlin. Has some very cool footages of Detroit factories and DJ sets.
5) Krautrock : The Rebirth of Germany” (2009) / BBC 4
From 1968 – 77 German bands like Neu!, Can, Faust, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk looked beyond US/UK rock ‘n roll to create some of the most original and uncompromising music ever heard. They shared one common goal – a forward-looking desire to transcend Germany’s gruesome past – but that didn’t stop the music press in war-obsessed Britain from calling them “Krautrock”. Members of Can spotted Damo Suzuki behaving strangely in the street and hired him on the spot to be their vocalist, shoving him onstage the same evening with no rehearsals. Incredibly, actor David Niven came to hear them play, and they asked him what he thought of the music. “It was great,” he said, “but I didn’t know it was music.” Suzuki doesn’t remember, “because at the time I was quite stoned.” This brilliant documentary examines how a radical generation of musicians created a new German musical identity out of the cultural ruins of war – and music which inspired Bowie, Eno, Iggy Pop and countless musicians today.

Lee Scratch Perry tribute mix

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Here is my first mix of 2020 !
The sonic experimentations conducted by legendary Jamaican producer Lee “Scratch” Perry in the 1970s in his fabled Black Ark studio were so advanced, they continue to influence 21st century electronic music strains and recording techniques. As one of the pioneers of dub, Perry sometimes reconfigured his own work multiple times.
1) The Genius that lauched Bob Marley
2) The Orb w/Lee Scratch Perry : Golden Clouds (Youth Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub Mix)
3) The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry – Fussball
4) Lee Scratch Perry – City too hot
5) Zuco 103 – Love is queen omega feat Lee Scratch Perry
6) Lee Scratch Perry – Voodoo
7) Making A Difference Lee Scratch Perry documentary
8) Lee Scratch Perry – War Ina Babylon (Album 2017 Super Ape Returns To Conquer By Subatomic)
9) Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Subatomic Sound System – Black Ark Vampires (Roots Rockers Mix)
10) Dubblestandart – Optimism_oxygen (feat_David_Lynch_and_lee_scratch_perry_-_part_4_dub)
11) Dubblestandart Meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry_09_Chrome Optimism (Dubblestandart Dub Mix)
12) Lee Scratch Perry Ari Up – Hello, Hell Is Very Low 7 ‘’ mix
13) Lee Scratch Perry & Max Romeo – Chase the devil
14) Lee Scratch Perry – Jungle lion (Original Version)
15) Dubblestandart & Lee Scratch Perry – Some will be dread
16) Lee Scratch Perry – Disco devil
17) Lee Scratch Perry and Subatomic sound system – Chase The Devil” (featuring by Jahdan Blakkamoore)
18) Outro from Dub echoes documentary

Change Le Beat (Italo-disco & electro-1980-1986)

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Fab five Freddy the most sampled electro track of all time.  About the track and the mix :
“Change the Beat” is a song written and recorded by Fab Five Freddy, and one of the most sampled songs in music history. It was recorded at Martin Bisi’s OAO Studio in Brooklyn, New York, United States, (later, BC Studio) and released as a 12″ single on the Celluloid label in 1982. This release and all subsequent pressings of the single feature two versions of the song, one on Side A and one on Side B. The official length of the tracks varies depending on the specific pressing of the single, with some releases mislabeling the running times entirely. The Side A version is 7:40 minutes in length and features Fab Five Freddy rapping in both English and French. He also performs the chorus of the song, utilizing a vocoder with a white noise carrier to achieve a gritty, robotic effect. The version of the song that appears on Side B is considerably shorter than the A-Side track, clocking in at 3:42. Aside from the chorus, which, like the Side A, was performed by Fab Five Freddy through the vocoder, the lead vocals are performed by rapper Beside and rapped entirely in French, making this single one of the first multilingual hip-hop releases.
At the end of the Side B version, there appears the phrase “Ahhhhh, this stuff is really fresh,” spoken through a vocoder. The first and last words are two of the most widely used samples for scratching. These samples have been used in over 2150 songs, the earliest of which was the 1983 Herbie Hancock single “Rockit”, which featured scratching by pioneering DJ and turntablist Grandmixer DXT (then known as GrandMixer D.ST).

Full tracklist :

1) Samples from Vietnam war (Sampled by Paul Hardcastle)
2) John Carpenter – The end (Sound version)- 1983
3) Malcom Mc Laren & The-worlds-famous-supreme-team-buffalo-gals-my-buffalo-girl-edit-1982
4) Blondie – Rapture (Reflex revision)- 1980
5) Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (12 inch mix)- 1984
6) Visage – Fade to grey (12 inch mix)- 1980
7) Man Parrish – Hip hop be bop (Don’t stop) – 1982
8 ) Herbie Hancock – Rockit (Edit by Mr J.)- 1983
9) The Rocksteady crew – Hey you – 1983
10) Koto – Jabdah – 1986
11) Gina X – No G.D.M. (Sine qua non edit)- 1982
12) Klein & MBO – Dirty talk (Greg Wilson edit)- 1982
13) Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes d’amour – 1983
14) Charlie – Spacer woman – 1983
15) Cybotron – Clear – 1982
16) The Egyptian lover – Egypt Egypt – 1984
17) Paul Hardcastle – 19 – 1985
18) Hashim – Al-Naafiysh – 1983
19) Fab 5 Freddy & Change le beat (Greg Wilson Beside –edit)- 1982

Drifting in Space…with piano

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The overall sound of “Drifting in Space” mixed this time with piano inspired tracks are simple to describe—the tones of a piano are stretched to the horizon line; long, lingering sounds, the fluttering threads of them in the wind, drifting like subtle perfumes, a dream language culled from a very familiar instrument. In its way, very reminiscent of Eno’s Thursday Afternoon to get an accurate idea of the whole.

However, larger forms of the mix are revealed to be a classical composition of low frequencies. It is, indeed, the music of the inexplicable dreamworlds we all travel during sleep.

Tracklisting available on my Facebook page.
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