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Danny Howells RA : top 5 of my fav mixes of the moment



There are very few DJs who stand out in the world of dance music today, but Danny Howells is without doubt one of them. From his early years of DJing at Bedrock nights in his home town of Hastings, to the 10+ hour sets in New York today, one thing remains the same – a complete love of all music. Danny has a unique, eclectic sound which as been described as sexyfuturistictechfunkhouse and it’s this sound which is shaking floors worldwide. Although most associated with the progressive scene, the truth is that Howells has never been an iconic DJ playing just one genre in order to be specialised in one brand of music. This is especially put into evidence in his mix session done for Resident Advisor, a website that doesn’t need introduction for afficionados of electronic music. This mix however, has no electronic songs at all. I’ve not seen an awful lot of DJ’s playing Led Zeppelin next to DJ Shadow, then Cabaret Voltaire, Beck and to round things up nicely “Rock it” by Herbie Hancock mixed with Malcom McLaren “Buffalo gals” and an old-school goodies : “Do it to the crowd”. It’s basically soul, disco, electro, new wave, prog rock and old school rap into 1h04 min ! The vibe in incredibly funky and old school ish. Kids, don’t try this at home. Stick to your cheesy Deadmau5 songs or better yet, that awful top 10 of electro-house tunes on Beatport! Below is the mix for Resident Advisor as well as a more electronic song from his Dig Deeper label. A good introduction to deep house music for anyone interested in the genre.

Danny Howells – RA.134 [Resident advisor]


  RA.134 Danny Howells (1:04:28)
1 Isley Brothers, The Who’s That Lady
2 Beastie Boys Year And A Day
3 Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song
4 DJ Shadow Right Thing (Z-Trip Mix/DH Edit)
    Edited By – DH*
  Remix – Z-Trip*
5 Justin Warfield Live From The Opium Den (David Holmes Mix)
    Remix – David Holmes
6 Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination (R.H. Kirk Mix)
    Remix – Richard H. Kirk
7 Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination (12 Mix)
8 The The Giant
9 Beck Cellphone’s Dead
10 Marvin Gaye What’s Going On (DH Mix 2)
    Remix – DH*
11 Gwen Guthrie Ain’t Nothing Goin’ On But The Rent
12 Stephanie Mills The Medicine Song
13 Herbie Hancock Rockit
14 Malcolm McLaren Buffalo Gals (DH Extended Mix)
    Remix – DH*
15 Twin Hype Do It To The Crowd

Danny Howells – Laid out [Dig deeper – 2009]

  1. February 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I like Danny’s top 5.Great tracks!

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