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Star wars disco !



In May of 1977, people around America began lining up for a little-hyped science fiction movie. After its first screenings, word of mouth soon spread and lines were forming around America’s cinemas – people were seeing the movie again and again as soon as the closing credits had rolled ! Over the next few days, the film was smashing box office records thanks to amazing special effects, great performances and a feeling of hope missing from films of recent years. America was in the grip of Star Wars fever ! Among the people catching Star Wars a number of times in its opening week was the innovative musician and producer, Meco Monardo. 

Captivated by John William’s thematic score, Meco realised that he could use his talents to bring America’s love of Star Wars together with the other phenomenon sweeping the country : disco. Then Meco harnessed the Force and over the next three weeks with friends Tony Bongiovi and Broadway arranger Harold Wheeler and 75 studio musicians (with Meco on trombone and keyboards) he created the classic 70’s album “Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk”.  It’s from this album that comes the song “La cantina” that was sampled by our friend Nic B a couple of years ago. Here is the long version of “Star wars movie theme”. With sweeping classical strings, a symphonic orchestra, light saber effects, and a disco beat, you sure wouldn’t want to miss it 🙂 Also, remember, may the force be with you always. And keep the disco vibe alive !

Meco & The Cantina band – Star wars theme [long version – 1977]

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