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Lindstrøm : Giorgio Moroder meets atmospheric techno



This is probably my favourite album of 2008. Yeah I know we’re in 2009 but it took me a long time to digest this one. Mixing what I see as the delight cheesyness of Giorgio Moroder beats and with arps à la Tangerine Dream,  I think this epic album kind of wraps together everything that is to be liked about italo/disco and other synthpop genres.

Some say the album lacks dynamics and organic feel. It’s also been accused of being a product demo for Native Instruments. But the truth is that the norway producer has a wide array of influences, including disco, house, ambient, and Steve Reich.  The epic title track “Where You Go I Go Too” is a pure sonic encapsulation of what a jam session between Manual Gottsching and Giorgio Moroder would have sounded like if they were both blasted on LSD and had some really tasty analogue equipment to play with. WYGIGT is one of the few albums that has signs of a responsible mastering process. I read on a ambient board that Lindstrøm had over 200 layers of sounds with just one track. You can turn up the volume a bit without growing ear-fatigue, and that’s always a good sign…

Lindstrøm – Where you go I go too [2008 : (28:58) ]

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