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Orbital’s Lush soundscapes



If you follow electronic music then Orbital needs no introduction to you. Perhaps one the most influential band of the 90’s, the Hartnoll brothers were also considered THE best live act in all electronic genres. One of my favourite songs from the English band is actually a b-side to “Impact USA” one of their best songs. Although less know than “Chime” or the duo’s epic trancy “Halcyon” which was used in the Mortal kombat movie, “Lush – 1926 Trancendance mix” is one gorgeous piece of music. Lush means a abounding in lavish growth, succulent and fleshy, luxurious, elaborate or opulent (Colins English Dictionary) and that’s exactly what this song is.. A great tune already in its 10-minute incarnation on the second orbital album, with a number of different remixes done by CJ Bolland, and Underworld, this version has even better production results. It has an additional set of strings which is great to build up tension, then pickung up the pace and burning through to the end. Essential chilled track, and the flip isn’t bad either!

Orbital : Lush – 1926 Trancendance mix [1993 : FFRR]

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