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Trentemøller’s dubby games



If there is one producer who’s got a keen sense of psychedelic these days, showing the path where innovative electronic music should be then it’s gotta be Anders Trentemøller. Although I must admit I really did not like Trentemoller ‘s music at a first glance, now I’m like Darth Vader with the dark side after metting Darth Sidious : a complete and devoted worpshipper. After getting all of his Eps, I began to think of Trentemøller as the next Aphex twin. I mean only AFX had this unique and compelling capacity to appeal to rock fans as well as industrial heads, techno geeks and classical ones. What I worship most about the Danish musician ? His ability to inject tracks with darker sounds and lush atmospherics. Sometimes fused with paranoia, his sound is neither ambient, minimal techno, electro, pop nor classical, but all of the afromentionned. And even tough he’s been pigeonholed as the next electro house producer, Trentemøller is no flavor of the month. In Denmark, with almost no promotion, his debut album, The Last resort, sold 20 000 copies.

If most people would categorize him as being electronic, his music is much more than that. The very last resort sounds like Ennio Morriconne on acid , with gentle guitar reminding of Pink Floyd’s “Shine on u crazy diamond”. Trentemøller also has a rare talent in terms of composition : he is a patient achitect who builds his tracks with beats, loops and and motifs into a refined minimalism. Not content with making gorgeous ambient à la Nightwalker, the man also creates dynamic club tracks only to be heard in the indie nightlife. Kink, Gush and Physical fraction for instance. His earlier Eps on Poker flat have a couple of gems on sight : Polar shift sounds like colliding submarines beneath the polar ice. The contrast between noise and sharp, crisp samples in this track create a unique atmosphere. Always moving and shifting, you get all kinds of angles and crystal clear production with and extatic climax. On Audiomatique, Prana, with an epic dubby depth of soul beats and a processed Indian sitaresque vibe over the top combine to create a killer track.

Trentemøller is also a gifted remixer, as he made a lot of good pop & rock remixes, most notably The Knife band. In the end I think his greatest contribution would have been creating signature techy grooves that build into breakdowns that reckon you to take notice : he closes the gap more and more between minimal and psychedelic. A man that can create frenzy turning on a few knobs, Trentemöller has created a sound in itself, that will turn your head upside down and make you question genres, as well as keep your interest for the electronic for many listens to come. This is a stunning artist that you should look into purchasing immediately.

Business man – Dubby games [Balearic biscuits – 2005]

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  1. random hero
    June 14, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    awesome, I keep playing this track for weeks, and I love Trentemöller, but I didn’t know he remixed that one.. Though it really sounds as if, after all. Great Blog, dude!

    • funkyjeff77
      June 14, 2010 at 10:19 pm

      Thanks mate!

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