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Covering the best of new wave with Nouvelle vague


Nouvelle Vague is a French musical collective led by musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. It’s also one of my favorite bands of the moment and for the last 5 years. Their name refers to their french roots and the artsy side of the 60’s also known as new wave of french cinema. The source of their songs are all covers of punk rock, post-punk and New Wave. On their first album, Nouvelle Vague, the group resurrected classics from the New Wave music era, and reinterpreted them with bossa nova arrangements. The songs were stripped back to acoustic arrangements with very little grooves, and rhythms achieved by gathering a parade of chanteuses from all over the world : six French, one Brazilian and one New Yorker. They cover bands including Blondie, Echo & The Bunnymen, Modern English, The Clash, Joy Division and The Undertones and New order. Their cover of The Dead Kennedys‘ “Too Drunk to Fuck” was used in the 2007 film Planet Terror. While recycling the 1980’s sound has been in vogue lately (and not always good, especially when they wear suits ) so it comes as a surprise that the producing team known as Nouvelle Vague would find an original way to dig in the nostalgia of the early ‘80s, post-punk era. Their cover of The Cure “A forest” is very chilled and sultry. It might be one of their best song : sunset noises and slow guitar blend in to create a refined blueprint of 80’s nostalgia. Something very smooth for Monday mornings !  

Nouvelle vague – A forest [Cover of The Cure – 2004 – Peacefrog]

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