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The Revenge : RA 166 : # 4 of the top 5 of my fav mixes of the moment


Imagine funky tracks with disco edits and some old school house with touches of acid and you’ve got Graeme Clark a.k.a. The Revenge, my current obsession in any genre of music lately. Although it’s helpful for a DJ to play within the same genre of music cause it’s easier to mix just minimal shit, tech house or progressive, in North America, nowadays very few DJ’s are taking chances and very few of them are mixing old music, classic records of house or techno. If Beatport would close for a month most DJ’s would be clueless to what should they play in their set. Sure when you’ve got a residency at a club you want to constantly have new tracks. But where’s the DJ as the musical teacher now ? And when you don’t know where you’re coming from, where the music you listen to comes from, isn’t that a little bit jarring ? Isn’t the DJ supposed to be a musical encyclopedia like the glory days of the Electryfing mojo in Detroit who used to play Parliament next to Gary Numan, Devo or Telex ? That’s what I’ve been wondering while listening to The Revenge’s disco edits, as well as his fabolus mix for Resident Advisor. Finally a DJ that plays old school with the new. Finally a DJ that makes new sounds with older tracks. So how does it sound now ? Very funky and smooth at the same time. A bit spacey like cruising a spaceship with some deep house grooves. And of course, quite disco, with wah wah guitar, deep basslines,  and groovy kicks. Scottish disco deviant Graeme Clark also is gifted producer : he’s been editing tracks like Stevie Wonder’s Love Light In Flight and Xavier’s Do it to the max, an upbeat disco groover. This guy cannot do wrong and is definitely a name to be reckon with. An amazing producer as well as a pretty good DJ with an ear for blending old obscure disco tracks with housy tunes. Check out his mix for Resident advisor as well as his edit for Stevie Wonder.

RA 166 Tracklisting :

  1. Cronk Family Enterprises – Put It On (Space Dub)
  2. Jay Shepheard – Absolute Voltage – Compost Records
  3. Mark E – Freakin’ & Shriekin’ – Under The Shade
  4. 6th Borough Project – Stratus Quo
  5. Rainer Trüby – Ayers Rock
  6. OOFT – This Sound – Instruments Of Rapture
  7. The Revenge – Forever In Their Debt (Pitched Down Mix) – Home Taping Is Killing Music
  8. Charles Earland – Coming To You Live (Edit)
  9. The Popular People’s Front – Space Race – PPF
  10. Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal – Cutting Records
  11. Ribn – Shift – Styrax Leaves
  12. The Revenge – Leave Your Mind feat. Paul Joseph – Mule Musiq
  13. JC Freaks – Dub Praise (The Revenge Mix) – Phonica Records
  14. Northend feat. Michelle Wallace – Tee’s Happy (Edit) – Emergency Records

The Revenge – Resident advisor 166 [Resident Advisor]

The Revenge – Night flight [Jiscomusic : 2008]

  1. Cleopatra
    January 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    I Love HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jitin
    October 23, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Hi, great mix! Does anyone know what song the bit from 15:15 – 16:40 comes from, the lyrics are something like this: i need your loving every night i need a woman baby to hold me tight.. cause every night the devil in me… i know its strange i know its crazy cant help myself i love the ladies, i love the music i love the soul and most of all i gotta go…freaky child.. when i hear music..

    Its stuck in my head and i just need to know the original song or even the remix, anything! the song the comes after which goes something like “we talking about hard times, hard times..” is the stratus quo by 6th burough project, so i looked for the mark e song freaking and shriekin, but it doesnt seem the be the right song, instead on youtube that is some vie en la rose or something.

    please help!! haha, thanks!

  1. December 22, 2009 at 5:35 pm

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