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THE greatest Halloween track gets reworked !

October 30, 2009 2 comments


One defying moment of 2009 has got to be the death of Michael Jackson. Like it or not, he left no one indifferent and will always be a musical and pop icon. Even tough Michael Jackson could’ve been labeled in that category of best-work-behind-them for me he made some tracks that redefined music, then he did a lot of crap too, was miserable and went mad and died in an unexpected manner. The Revenge, the Alessi Brothers, and OOFT Music, made this edit of “Thriller.” In case you were in need of a great track for that Halloween party you’re DJing, this is it ! Looping the Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton’s (Who wrote the track) sinuous core groove throughout the track’s extended length (with an extra “woo-hoo” for good measure), OOFT preserve the track’s forward motion with a long breakdown in the tradition of extended versions of dance tracks of the 80’s and make it friendlier for DJs to mix. The Revenge is again displaying an uncanny ear for reworking music : this is the best remix of Michael Jackson I’ve ever heard, and imo it even surpasses the original making it less poppy and more danceable. It stays faithful to the original, removing most of the vocals and relentlessly working that funky hook. It’s subtle and clever at the same time. However, the OOFT version does keep in a few elements from the video (i.e. a long break) that I was really keen on. Remixing can sometimes be tricky and dangerous. Here the vocal doesn’t kick in before 6 minutes : a damn long tease that keeps our attention from start to end ! This is why it is such a great remix : it doesn’t try to be different than the original track. It’s simple and works because of that. Now say it loud : it’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking from the dark….!

Michael Jackson, “Thriller” (OOFT Music Phazed Edit)

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Tech-house master at work : Claude Vonstroke’s Vocal chords

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment


Claude VonStroke is an American house producer based in San Francisco. He owns the Dirtybird and Mothership labels. In July 2006 he released his debut album, Beware of the Bird, which received excellent reviews. So far in 2009 he has released the mix cd Fabric 46 in may.  His EP called Bird brain was just released a couple of days ago. VonStroke is also the man behind San Francisco’s hottest tech-funk label, Dirtybird

His first album in 2006, Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? got the royal thumbs up from Richie Hawtin  and his 2007 The Beats Of San Fran Disco compilation for Mixmag was definitely one of the best of the year so it’s safe to say expectations are high for the release of Bird Brain. Well, I can say it is a typically cheeky fun adventure mix of tech house you’d expect from this guy. Vocal Chords is a clever musical pun on the simple synth line ontop of bangin’ 4×4 but, as it is so well done, it has a depth that makes it as good a listen at home as in the club environment. Just one of the best tech-house I’ve listened to recently. Vocal chords is an ingenius track as it was made with a live human (Isaiha Musik) singing each note through all the vowel formants and octaves plus hours and hours and hours of chopping and programming. Truly an orginal piece of music ! Pick up a copy of Bird Brain and feed the birds.

Claude Vonstroke : Vocal chords [2009 : Dirtybird]

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Trentemøller : The Last resort of electronic music

October 28, 2009 4 comments


The Last Resort, a surprisingly accessible and wide-ranging work by Anders Trentemøller, is a winter wonderland of quiet phosphorescence and pristine beats. Not that the Danish composer/producer/remixer is above contrasts, as in “Evil Dub,” where he allows down-tuned and distorted guitars to run like the proverbial bull in a china shop of elegant, understated programming. But tracks like “While the Cold Winter Waiting” beg comparison to the frosty, glockenspiel-laced ambience of Iceland’s múm, and the closer, “Miss You,” is a hypnotic lullaby sure to receive ample acclaim or the Spaghetti Western guitar and scalding broken beat of ‘The Very Last Resort’ are not to be missed. This is the future of techno. Deep, emotional, spine tingling joy. Nightwalker shifts the gear up and presents us a bit more familiar Trentemoller dancefloor oriented rhythm and sounds. Deep, funky, groovy tune that makes your head move without asking it. A perfect winter companion for eerie nights.

Trentemøller : Nightwalker [2006 : Poker Flat]

Trentemøller : The very last resort [2006 : Poker Flat]

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