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Twin peaks : great soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti


Badalamenti is an American composer known for his movie soundtrack work for director David Lynch. His best work however, imo is the soundtrack he composed for the TV show Twin peaks. For those who don’t know it, before LOST, there was Twin peaks. The producers of Lost have stated more than once that the show that influenced them the most was this cult TV show aired in the early 90’s on ABC. Twin Peaks became one of 1990s’ top-rated shows, a critical success both nationally and internationally. TV had been dominated by the glossy soap operas of Dallas and Dynasty. Twin Peaks subverted their formula and opened the door for Lost andThe X Files. Reflecting its devoted cult fan base, the series became a part of pop culture referenced in other television shows, commercials and so on. The track Laura Palmer was sampled by Moby for his classic Go in 1992. Essential to the show’s impact was the extraordinarily atmospheric score by Angelo Badalamenti, and the fragile, little-girl-lost vocals of Julee Cruise. Elsewhere the composer blends lonesome synthesisers with mournful solo instruments, creating otherworldly textures hinting at the dreamlike jazz and soothing basslines. Atmospheric and spooky 🙂

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin peaks theme [1990 : Warner]

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  1. February 25, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    To me he is one of the best composers of film music.

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