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Who sampled who ? Kid Loco : A Grand Love Story for downtempo lovers


This is the quentessential trip hop album. Marvelously chilled grooves with some outstanding cut and paste work. His loops work to perfection. Kid Loco had a real cinematic style to his early sound. A treat to this day : full of lush instrumentation, easygoing rhythms, and a playful sense of humor that’s much cherished. From the swelling strings of “A Grand Love Theme,” you know you’re in for a treat. It towers over most of the mid nineties trip hop releases and sounds just as amazing a decade later. A cinematic panorama of chilled beats & italian porno soundtracks. This 2 cd set has a bonus disc of tracks only available on his hard-to-find singles, and is well worth the extra money. “Love Me Sweet” features Katrina from The Pastels on vocals, and is the only vocalised track here. And two years ago, I was watching the movie Zodiac by David Fincher and I thought I heard Kid Loco’s A grand love theme but was rather surprised to hear the orginal song from which Loco aka Jean-Yves Prieur had sampled : Three dog night’s Easy to be hard…I thought, wow great job by Loco on this sample.  Still loving a grand love story even 11 years after its release!

Kid Loco : A Grand Love Theme [ Yellow : 1997 ]

Three dog night : Easy to be hard [ Suitable for Framing the band’s second album : 1969 ]

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