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Le Tigre will bite your ears… thanks to DFA’s funky remix

tigerLe Tigre is an american dance punk band, formed by Kathleen Hannah in 1998. It also featured 2 other members from 1998 to 2001. Le Tigre is known for its socio-political lyrics, dealing with issues of feminism and the gay community.

There are records and records. Those that you keep in your boxes and never get tired to play even tough they’re 10 years old and been played to death or even had radio time. DFA’s remix of Le Tigre‘s “Deceptacon” is a good example of that, it fares better than the originial song released in 1999 with its throbbing bassline and bratty Kathleen Hannah lead vocal. This is the kind of records that is a bit post punk, disco especially the bassline, pop and dance at the same time. The 12 minute version makes it a crazy dance record quite like B-52’s Rock Lobster.   

So good le Tigre even licensed two of their songs for use in advertisements by Canadian telephone provider Telus and Australian jewellery chain Goldmark. A sample from “Deceptacon” plays in the background of a 2006 television commercial for Nivea cosmetics. The song is featured in the 2006 Norwegian film Reprise during its comical party scene.The Boston Red Sox radio broadcast often uses a sample of “Deceptacon”, the first song on Le Tigre’s debut album, as filler when returning from commercial break. As funky as it can be !

Le Tigre : Deceptacon DFA remix [2004 : EMI]

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