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Top 5 records of all time : part 5 starting with The Bucketheads


Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez is an NYC-based DJ, music producer, and recording artist. Best known for his house music, hip-hop, and funk productions/edits/re-edits. Often he works with partner Louie Vega mainly as Masters At Work or Nuyorican Soul, but also using other aliases either for joint work or their own side projects. I remember listening to this track when I was very young, I was only 17 when it was released and it was storming every club where it played. At the time I loved it but I dont think I quite appreciated how brilliant it really is. An absolute classic house track by the legendary Kenny Dope. Unbelievable long (about 14 mins I think) but it still keeps my attention for the whole duration of the track. The vocal sample at the beginning (the preacher speaking to his congregation) is the same one that appears on Preacher Man by Green Velvet. This track is based on samples from the track “Street Player” by Chicago. In fact, most of the track is directly lifted from Street Player – Kenny Dope has dropped the vocals, resequenced it and added chunky house beats. It was also one of the first disco filter track 4 years before Stardust and the whole french touch movement. That’s how big it was. A great example of how a producer can take a great original track and create something new and interesting from it.
   The Bucketheads : The bomb! [These sounds fall into my mind : 1994] 

 Chicago : Street player [1979 : Columbia]

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