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Progressive house with classical instrumentation ?

gabriel-dresdenI have to admit I am not a big fan of mainstream trance nor progressive house or anything more slighltly progressive build. I find it is most of the time catchy, and whilst sometimes impressive melodies are produced, too often it becomes screwed when a vocal kicks in. I have a problem with the crowd listening to that type of electronic music but that’s another story and I’ll leave my predjudices at the door for this post, for now. Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla was born in 1951, and is an Argntine musician and composer. One of his more recent contributions has been to the instrumental music for the soundtrack of the 2005 Ang Lee film Brokeback mountain. In 2007, he received his second Academy Award for the film score to Babel, beating out such composers as Thomas Newman. Gabriel & Dresden was the project name of the DJs and producers Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden from San Francisco. They were perhaps best known for producing Motorcycle’s As the rush comes in 2004.  

The bosses at Universal sure knew how to market music and pushed music from Brokeback Mountain’s music score by Grammy-winning composer and producer Gustavo Santaolalla. So there was an EP released in 2006 of three different mixes of “The Wings,” the score’s main theme, remixed for maximum club consumption on the dancefloor by a trio of well-known DJs and producers. The first version, by classically trained arrangers Gabriel & Dresden, just blew me away right from the first measures and still does, even tough admitting listening to a trance duo these days is like admitting eating a big mac from McDonalds. The emotional core of the theme written by Santaolalla is a strong melodic piece, with its guitar and pedal steel atmospherics sitting in the dead center of the remix. It’s a progressive house treatment to be sure, but it is sensitive and feels more collaborative than other mixes of the genre. A smoothly paced progressive track that feels highly cinematic and melodic. Still in my music box even after 3 years !

Gustavo Santaolalla – The Wings [2006 : Gabriel & Dresden’s Organized Nature Remix) ]

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