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Tech-house master at work : Claude Vonstroke’s Vocal chords


Claude VonStroke is an American house producer based in San Francisco. He owns the Dirtybird and Mothership labels. In July 2006 he released his debut album, Beware of the Bird, which received excellent reviews. So far in 2009 he has released the mix cd Fabric 46 in may.  His EP called Bird brain was just released a couple of days ago. VonStroke is also the man behind San Francisco’s hottest tech-funk label, Dirtybird

His first album in 2006, Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? got the royal thumbs up from Richie Hawtin  and his 2007 The Beats Of San Fran Disco compilation for Mixmag was definitely one of the best of the year so it’s safe to say expectations are high for the release of Bird Brain. Well, I can say it is a typically cheeky fun adventure mix of tech house you’d expect from this guy. Vocal Chords is a clever musical pun on the simple synth line ontop of bangin’ 4×4 but, as it is so well done, it has a depth that makes it as good a listen at home as in the club environment. Just one of the best tech-house I’ve listened to recently. Vocal chords is an ingenius track as it was made with a live human (Isaiha Musik) singing each note through all the vowel formants and octaves plus hours and hours and hours of chopping and programming. Truly an orginal piece of music ! Pick up a copy of Bird Brain and feed the birds.

Claude Vonstroke : Vocal chords [2009 : Dirtybird]

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