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Monday morning chilled track : Depeche mode meets ambient-dub

DMDepeche mode’s Sounds Of The Universe finds Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher back at the top of their game after almost 30 years together. Eclectic and energised, they sound like a band reborn. Lyrically, it contains many of the band’s enduring obsessions – lust, spirituality, romantic yearning, sinful temptation and sadomasochism – plus more overt black humour than any of their previous albums. Sounds of the Universe is a grower, relying on a few listens to fully take effect, but when it does, it shows Depeche Mode are still able to combine pop-hook accessibility and their own take on electronic with sonic experimentation. Little soul was remixed by ex Orb member Thomas Fehlmann, who contributed to many Orb releases, becoming a part-time member of the group in the 1990’s. He has here remixed DM in a dubby style that echoes the works of other german composers such as Moritz Von Oswald…A gentle lullaby for quiet evenings complete with Gahan’s melancolic voice.

Depeche mode : Little soul [Thomas Fehlmann Flowing Ambient Mix : Mute 2009]

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