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Monday morning chilled track : Intrusion mix of Linkwood family

dubStephen Mitchell aka Intrusion, pictured on the left, is a producer and engineer of minimized to maximized sounds, determined to open a new chapter in experimenation with synthesis and sound design. With vintage, warm, ethereal analog sound, produced and recorded onto reel to reel tape, Intrusion’s sound is more dub and ambient with a pulse. He mainly records for Echospace, a label which hails from Detroit and that is a staple for this genre. On this remix of the Linkwood family, it’s great to see some dub techno being released with color, warmth, and personality. For this 12 inch Hitchell employs the classic echospace, deepchord, intrusion styled dub techno foundation that has been around since the 90’s but has been steadily gaining a cult-like popularity in the realm of obsessive techno nerds. Hitchell diverges from the dub template when he stacks a very emotive guitar pluck type lead, some awfully catchy bongo loops, and a distant saxophone on top. The result is a very warm and genuine release that will absolutely stand the test of time. If I could recommend a release to give to a listener who is just beginning to explore the world of dub techno, this would be it. A very long and subtle piece of chilled dub, perfect for monday morning hangovers, like, right now 😉

Linkwood family – Miles Away (Intrusion Sunrise Dub) [Firecracker recordings]

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