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Who sampled who ? Portishead vs Lalo Schifrin


Recently, I stumbled upon a very interesting website called Whosampledwho. As complete as it may sound, the website has the interesting option of offering members to be able to contribute by sending new contents. While not exactly being new, I was shocked a couple of years ago to dicover on the Sampled series that Portishead’s Sour times had sampled Lalo Schifrin’s The danube incident. Released in 1994, Sour times had a promotional video which used footage from their short film To Kill a Dead Man. “Sour Times” was also covered by Bryn Christopher on his album My world. The Blank Theory also covered ST on their Beyond the Calm of the Corridor release, which was featured in the trailer for Wicker Park.

Schifrin on the other hand, needs no introduction. He scored the soundtrack for the 60’s version of Mission impossible (from which Danube incident was taken) as well as arranging music for Dirty harry, Bullit and Enter the dragon with Bruce Lee. Here are both songs : Danube incident and sour times.

Portishead – Sour times [1994 : Universal]

Lalo Schifrin – The danube incident [Paramount, Late 60s.]

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