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Crazy cover and a Madchester classic with Stone roses’s Ian Brown

Ian Brown is an English singer of the former alternative rock band The Stone Roses, a band hailed as one of the pioneers of the Madchester scene. Brown’s last album was in inspired in part by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Here is a great cover of MJ’s Thriller, done by Ian Brown in 2000. The song was featured in the Crazy covers compilation by Tom Middleton.

The Stones Roses had released a gem in 1989 : Fools gold. This is classic mad english music inspired as much by acid house than guitar pop sounds, funk and dance beats. The bassline was inspired by Know how of Young MC which is a sample from Shaft theme song done by Isaac Hayes. The lyrics were a nod to Nancy Sinatra’s These boots are made for walkin. Stones roses had a unique sound as much inflenced by The Clash, Northern soul, punk rock and garage. Brown and Mani the bass player, were also influenced by reggae. A few years later Run DMC sampled the bassline of Fools gold for What’s it all about. The song also appears at the end of Guy Ritchie’s first movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels when Big Chris says “it’s been emotional”. Well, thanks to the Stone Roses for this timeless classic !

Ian Brown : Thriller [2000]

The Stone roses : Fools gold [1989]

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  1. January 23, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Love his great music !! we try to interview and film his show as soon
    as possible.

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