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Monday morning chilled track : Château flight’s remixent

Chateau Flight is a French duo of electronic music composed by Gilbert Cohen (aka Gilb’r) and Nicolas Chaix (aka I: Cube). Gilb’r discovered I: Cube in 1995 with a demo and signed them to his label, Versatile Records, where he released two albums. On Remixent Chateau Flight impart their magic on a load of different artists, with wildly different results. For instance, Psyco on Da Bus’ “Take A Rest” becomes a chilled house track and Serge Gainsbourg’s “Lola Rastaquouere” becomes a dub reggae workout. Even though they stick their fingers in a number of different genres, the results are always delicious. The roster of the artists that the remix is impressive, too, showing not only their influences, but their penchant for quality as well. From the Afrobeat of Femi Kuti to the new Brazilian jazz of Bebel Gilberto, they have their bases chilled. And after listening to this collection, so will you.


Femi Kuti – Beng, beng, beng [Versatile records 2002 :Chateau Flight Remix]

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