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A bit of funk with…James Brown & Sex Machine Today !

Great album by The Godfather — one that takes the core James Brown sound of the “Sex Machine” generation, and serves it up with a tighter mid 70s twist! Fred Wesley is still very firmly at the helm of the band — and there’s a power here that’s equal to the later JBs work on the Breakin Bread album. The grooves are nicely free of the “fast funk” syndrome that crept into James’ work a few years later as his answer to disco and are super tight all the way through! The LP includes a 12 minute remake of “Sex Machine” that’s worth the price alone — plus the funk cuts “Dead On It”, that here has been remixed by U-Tern, in a funked ass James Brown edit from : some impeccable grooves 🙂 Maybe less grittier than the older JB’s sound, but still pretty good, and a good funky track for DJ’s looking for a funk track to begin their sets.


James Brown : Dead on it [Sex machine : 1975 : U-tern disco edit]

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  1. December 25, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Thank you, it was super. Have more to such blogs.

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