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Monday chilled track : Jazzanova takes jazz, soul and funk into the future

Jazzanova is German outfit started as a DJ team in 1995 that moved on to production in 1996. In 1998, they founded a collective (a formless group of musicians, producers and DJ’s) as well as running and operating a label, both under the name Sonar Kollektiv. On their remix album entitled Remixes 1997-2000, They literally transform jazzy and downtempo tracks into futuristic anthems with an organic touch almost mesmerizing. The remixes are outstanding and in most of the cases far better than the originals with sweet and subdued sounds. Especially, Ursula Rucker’s “Circe” which is a moody siren song with a smooth funky groove full of complex rhythms that twist and weave with a two step beat : the beats and breaks are very technical, giving a kind of “striving for the future, whilst not forgetting your roots” feel. And miss Rucker is a true poet & a fine spokenword artist. Rucker is known for a diverse repertoire, and for utilizing techniques that catch her listeners attention, both of which have brought her critical acclaim and widespread praise from fans. Rucker has also performed her work at an array of venues such as The Montreal Jazz festival. A smooth languid and sultry voice not to be missed !

King Britt & Ursula Rucker – Circe [Jazzanova remix : The remixes 1997-2000 : Compost]

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