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Spacey Deadbeat with Roots & Wire

Deadbeat is Scott Monteith, an adopted Montrealer who has been releasing dub laden minimal electronics since 1998.  Roots and Wire brings Deadbeat’s Scott Monteith full circle. The former Montreal resident once released dub flavoured electronica on German labels. Now, he lives in Berlin and releases on Canada’s in-form Wagon Repair. Roots and Wire is something of a return to his musical roots as well, being infinitely dubbier and more ethereal than the higher octane digital tribalism of 2007’s Journeyman’s Annual. That’s not to say that Roots and Wire doesn’t pack any heat. The album may kick off with two slower numbers, but the arrival of the next trio of tracks turns the tide. All three tease, building patiently before showing their true colours. “Grounation” gives it all away by slipping “Berghain” into its subtitle while “Xberg Ghosts” and “Deep Structure” are seductive deep house dubscapes that sequence beautifully together via the slow burnout of the former that becomes the opening voice sample of the latter. Resonant production values dominates this album : this music is getting better after each listen as it is beautiful and complex slow electronic mature dub sounds for mature ears as well. Tikiman/Paul St. Hilaire opens and closes the album with two impeccable vocals, conveying a madness vibe rather than hedonistic views. The title track caps off the album with brisk dubstep beats and ~scape-styled melodica. Roots and Wire succeeds because the different intensities and beat structures of each track offer a more dynamic ebb and flow, all bound together by a homogenous dub reggae spirit.  His usual techno/dub/dancehall/house style has been enhanced with a twist of dubstep ontwo tracks. His music is proper roots reggae of 70s dubby style with a heavy bass and echo. Deep Structure also uses roots production techniques (aided by Guillaume Coutu-Dumont with some additional percussion) applied to a tech house groove; this is what techno dub is and it’s about time. If you’re into dub in your house and reggae on you’re minimal, this is the album for you, it’s going to be as big as it gets, in underground circles that is. Dub and beyond for a modern world. Deadbeat, you’ve made me a dub fan for ages.

Deadbeat – Xberg Ghosts [Roots And Wire : Wagon repair : 2008]

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