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Nina Simone’s See-line woman getting remixed again

I usually start any post by offering an introduction of the afro-mentionned artist but I don’t think jazz singer Nina Simone needs presentation. If you know only a bit a jazz, pop or soul you will probably happen to know her incredibly sultry voice that has been sampled all over again from Layo & Bushwacka’s Love story to a lot of hip-hop and TV commercials, most recently with Sinnerman’s house mix from the Verve remixed #2.  Nina Simone popularized the song Sea lion woman (a traditionnal American folk-song used as children’s playground song) as See-line woman on her 1964 album Broadway blues ballads. That song has also been remixed by the Masters at work on Verve remixed #1. But this time it’s DJ Ezel, from the Dominican Republic, and now based in New York. Here Ezel really keeps the amazing vocal without trying to stir things up, he rather increased the grooves and the kick drum to give a modern interpretation of a classic jazz balad. It’s perfect to start a DJ set with an old-school song that sounds modern !

Nina Simone : See-line woman [Ezel remix : 2009]

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