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Crazy cover with Shawn Lee doing Get ur freak on !

Shawn Lee is an American musician and multi-intrumentalist from Wichita. On Hits The Hits with his Ping Pong Orchestra he does tunes by Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Blur, Badly Drawn Boy, Justin Timberlake, Outkast and many more in his own unique style. Putting his over-stuffed studio to the test Lee pulls out all the stops on an album that includes a surf guitar-driven cover of Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” (already selected by taste-maker producer/DJ Tom Middleton for one his compilations). Lee’s sound, which started as a take on old-school library albums and has grown into a sound of his own is made possible by his ability to make music in an insanely overpopulated studio. A 1940’s early proto-synth called a Clavioline, a 100 year old Marxophone zither, a 1950’s Virginal Harpsichord, a 1950’s Xylophone, a rare 1967 Vox guitar that has Fuzz, Tremelo and wah-wah built in, a 1930’s Double Bass and an early 1900’s keyboard called a Dulcetone all reside within the walls of Lee’s facilities.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer Shawn Lee has played and recorded with a diverse range of artists including Psapp, Coldcut, Leeann Rhimes, Martina Mcbride, UNKLE, Tony Joe White, Chateau Flight, The Dust Brothers, St. Etienne, Jeff Buckley, Bomb The Bass, The Spice Girls, and Natasha Atlas – not to mention solo records for Talkin’ Loud, Wall of Sound imprint We Love You and BBE. He is also known to breaks n’beats collectors as the man behind “The Ape Breaks” and “Planet of the Breaks” series which were sampled by everyone from Guru to The Gorillaz. Music by Lee has been used in commercials for BMW and Jaguar, in multiple TV shows, and in addition to the Oceans 13 movie. He also did music for CSI Miami, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Nip tuck and Ugly Betty. Quite majestic grooves from the mighty Shawn Lee, all put together with a brilliance to rival the best soundtrack and sound library work of the 70s! Funk for the 21 st century my friends.

Shawn Lee & his Ping pong orchestra : Get UR freak on [Missy Elliott cover : Ubiquity : 2007]

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