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Meat beat manifesto meets The Orb for an epic EP

Amidst the flow of releases, especially within a genre like electronic music, we sometimes miss an essential or a quintessential album that makes us go wary as to how could have we missed something that good. That is the case with Battersea Shield, a 2004 EP by The ORB & Meat beat manifesto that contains only 3 tracks. And the EP is worth getting if only for for track 2: 1855BC. Absolutely awesome tune, the title being how long the track is. One long trip into dub territory a la typical Orb style. Best thing they’ve done for a long time in my opinion. “1855 BC” reuses samples which were used in previous Meat Beat Manifesto tracks. Tracks one & two were both recorded live in 2001, and are LOUD! There’s some serious bass going on, one to annoy the neighbours with ! For The ORB fans such as myself the use of the spectacular traditionnal Orb sampled sounds have blown me away with radio samples a la Orbsessions. It’s as if they took a backward step into their early years and said… ‘It doesn’t matter what people say about developing new found sounds. “1855BC” is an epic dub workout, and a reminder of just how good The Orb are at this kind of thing. D-U-B !

The ORB Vs Meat Beat manifesto : 1855 BC [2004 : Malicious damage label from the EP Battersea Shield ]

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