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Year in review : My top 5 singles of 2009

As much as it would be almost impossible to label 2009 as the year of anything, for me, it’s been about discovering OOFT’s magical reworks, the dub scene in Germany as well as some amazing cosmic-italo disco productions by the likes of Sally Shapiro, Tensnake, the permanent vacation label, and Prins Thomas. Here is 5 singles I’ve especially enjoyed :

1) Lulu rouge : Melankoli (Mungolian Jetset Wet Version)

From the first minutes of the intro with an amazing long 1 minute raindrop, I have fell in love with this song. Child like vocals that reminds me of early Gus gus or Bjork music (both are Scandinavian mind you) amazing bassline, soothing atmosphere that keeps growing and bubbling with an almost progressive-house structure. Pål Nyhus & Knut Petter Sævik better known as The Mungolian Jetset have done an amazing remix of Lulu rouge’s ethereal chilled original.

Lulu rouge : Melankoli (Mungolian Jetset Wet Version) / Music for dreams

2) 6th Borough Project – Do It To The Max (Intruments of rapture)

Big ass basslines.The Revenge, Mark E and plenty of their slo-mo peers specialize in them, and “Do It to the Max” was this year’s fat-bottomed girl of choice, a masterpiece of funky house music that didn’t quite reach the 100 BPM mark. It didn’t need to, though, because as the vocal sample constantly reminded us, as long as we do it to the max tonight, everything is going to be all right. It sounds more like slow disco dub like Arthur Russell, with a touch of our century. It is actually a rework of Xavier’s Do it to the max that was released in 1982.

6th Borough Project – Do It To The Max (Intruments of rapture)

3) Sebo K – Saxtrack (Reboot’s twisted fist remix) ( Cecille Records )

Reboot’s extra oomph behind the kick transformed Sebo K & Metro’s “Saxtrack” house jaunt into an urgent beast of a tune. But it was the unfurling that made it special, with Reboot locking you in and unleashing the titular sax piecemeal, teasing, teasing and teasing some more before you get the phrase in full—and you find yourself feeling somehow euphoric and relieved at the same time. Jazzy and quite a party song.

Sebo K – Saxtrack (Reboot’s twisted fist remix) ( Cecille Records )

4) Claude Von Stroke – Vocal chords (Dirty bird)

Typically cheeky fun adventure mix of tech house you’d expect from this guy. Vocal Chords is a clever musical pun on the simple synth line ontop of bangin’ 4×4 but, as it is so well done, it has a depth that makes it as good a listen at home as in the club environment. Just one of the best tech-house I’ve listened to recently. Vocal chords is an ingenius track as it was made with a live human (Isaiha Musik) singing each note through all the vowel formants and octaves plus hours and hours and hours of chopping and programming. Truly an orginal piece of music.

Claude Von Stroke – Vocal chords (Dirty bird)

5) Michael Jackson : Thriller – OOFT Phazed edit mix (Bootleg)

It could’ve been number one in my list as there is no ranking order. I’ve not been ashamed to play this track at partys all over again. Once the vocal kicks in, it is deadly. OOFT preserve the track’s forward motion with a long breakdown in the tradition of extended versions of dance tracks of the 80’s and make it friendlier for DJs to mix. The Revenge is again displaying an uncanny ear for reworking music : this is the best remix of Michael Jackson I’ve ever heard, and imo it even surpasses the original making it less poppy and more danceable. It stays faithful to the original, removing most of the vocals and relentlessly working that funky hook. It’s subtle and clever at the same time. However, the OOFT version does keep in a few elements from the video (i.e. a long break) that I was really keen on. A great track that shows that DJ’s as record producers can also become an instrument of music.

 Michael Jackson : Thriller – OOFT Phazed edit mix (Bootleg)

  1. April 7, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Wow! I never realised that OOFT! had done a re-edit of ‘Thriller’, I totally agree that that is the best re-working/remix/whatever that I’ve heard as well. There has been a slew of remixes over the years but this by far takes the best element and really works it. Personally would’ve liked to have heard a bit more of the vocals in this re-edit but hey, glad I’ve found it… wonder if it’s been released on vinyl at all…

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