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Monday chilled track : Art of noise’s Moments in love

I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s music recently and rediscovered Art of noise first album, Who’s afraid of the Art of noise, released in 1984. Apparently, the roots of Art Of Noise lie in Malcolm McLaren‘s 1982 single “Buffalo Gals”. McLaren foresaw the rise of hip-hop and recruited producer Trevor Horn to record his musical vision. The experiments of Dudley, Jeczalik and Langan on this project led to the formation of The Art Of Noise.

In 1984, the “Close (To The Edit)” single crashed into the UK top forty. 1985’s “Moments In Love” failed to make the UK top fifty but anticipated an entire genre : chillout. Their ZTT material was ransacked for years on end, culminating in the use of a sample from “Close (To The Edit)” as a key element of Prodigy’s”Firestarter”. The air of mystery surrounding the band meant that they could, in a famous mixup, receive an American magazine’s award for best black act of the year, not bad going for five middle-aged, middle-class, white English people…

Their first album includes the track Moments in love, a subtle, delicate and beautifully paced with gentle breathy vocals barely communicating with the listener after being deliberatly drowned out in the mix. If nothing else this LP should held up as a masterclass in 80’s production. It is one of the most perfect ambient love songs ever, and I love every second of it. Likewise, it did gave rise to the new genre of music to come, chillout, 7 years afterwards…

Art of noise : Moments in love [Who’s Afraid Of? The Art Of Noise!] 1984 ZTT

  1. Mopyfop
    November 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Hey and you forget the great Rap single to sample it: King Sun de Moet’s Hey Love – old school check it out….

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