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Time to find another Afx gem :-)

One of the best Aphex remixes, Time to find me was a song originally composed by the dream pop Shoegazer band Seefeel. The Afx fast mix of this song is very haunting and sounds really good off the vinyl as opposed to the cd which clearly lacks personnality. The beauty of it is that you can pitch the record at 33 RPM, it is meant to be played that way. This record is the peak of Aphex twin’s career : in 1994, he went touring accross the United States and Canada ( I had the chance of seeing him live ) and he released a number of dazzling work, including SAW 2 and the gorgeous EP “On“. It has that unique AFX sound : very warm synth melody à la Warp records circa AI and dreamy child like melodies beneath it.

“Time to Find Me,” is also a compelling testament to Aphex Twin’s own enchantment both with the song and Sarah Peacock’s ethereal vocals. Aphex then went on to remix a lot of pop and rock bands including : NIN, Curve, St Etienne and Jesus Jones. Breathtakingly beautiful and pure Afx genius. It was even used on Musique Plus as an ID in the 1990’s. After hearing that song, I’m seriously not doubting Afx’s status as the Mozart of electronic music 🙂

Seefeel : Time to find me [Afx fast mix : Polyfusia EP : Astralwerks : 1994]

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