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Not another electro french producer !

Influenced by Jazz and Detroit Techno, Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, is one in a long line of talented artists to emerge from the ever fertile French electronic scene. Starting off his career with a hectic DJing schedule playing at many international clubs alongside renowned artists such as Jeff Mills, DJ Hell, and Richie Hawtin, Agoria has become an important figure of the European techno scene. The album Blossom comes from 2003, and will remain a classic for a long time due to its outstanding production values and pristine electro-sounds. Quite simply a different kind of electro not to be reckon with the awful electroclash trend of the last decade : instead he sounds very much on his own. La 11eme Marche was picked up by DJ Hell, Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier and John Peel but I am mostly hooked on Kofea which is a tech-house monster with an angular bassline distorted enough to make you stomp all night. The album has guest vocals by Tricky and Ann Saunderson the wife of Kevin Saunderson. So please Andrei, book him in Quebec city, I beg you :-p. Ah those damn frenchs!

Agoria : Kofea [Blossom : PIAS : 2003]

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