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Space disco from Norway : meet Todd Terje

Is it house, funk, techno or disco ? Todd Terje, real name Terje Olsen, from Norway, is someone that speaks of catchy rhythms, dubby sounds, dreamy synth layers, cinematic moods, a playful approach and searching for that one nerve when asked to describe his music. Growing up in the rural village of Mjøndalen, dance music influences were scarce, and no, there was never any nighclubs there. Not a lot of obscure disco or acid house in his milk either. However, during the early/mid nineties dance culture sneaked it way into even the most remote parts of Norway, thanks to the popularity of mainstream acts like The Prodigy and national radio stations filling prime time slots with underground jocks Olle Abstract and Pål “Strangefruit” Nyhus. He then became one of the key players on the Oslo electronic disco scene dubbed as cosmic disco although I prefer the term space disco. His remix of Dolle Jolle : Balearic Incarnation is a stunning piece of work. Maybe the best norwegian production I’ve ever heard. A fascinating mix of italo disco synths and house rhytms with an acid loop that keeps coming back and forth. For me the song worked right from the start, with a catchy disco tune that is repeated througout the whole song. This song really want you to let everything go and just dance…

Dølle Jølle :  Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje’s Extra Doll Mix)

[2008 : Permanent vacation]

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