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Feeling down..tempo ? Here is Down with the tempo mix :)

Backbone music has often been used in movies, TV series (just think Sixth feet under) and TV commercials, but too often among the gamut of releases, it’s become hard to decipher what is exactly downtempo music. Perhaps ambient with a beat, but with different kinds of flavors of jazz, funk, soul, dub, and classic mixed into it. If you’re interested in the genre here is a good reference in the matter. But for those who want to dig more, here is a mix of songs I did, which I decided to call “Down with the tempo”, which seldom bypasses 110 BPM. If I had to pick up one standout track it would have to be Djuma Soundsystem : Les Djinns remixed by the ever great Trentemøller in a downbeat mode with spanish guitars and slow soundscapes. As usual, here is the mix in stream and the tracklisting as well. Try to find the sources of some movie samples, you’ll see, it’s funny ! Hope you guys enjoy it !

Down with the tempo mix

1) Une revolution en 1789 ?
2) Troublemakers : Get misunderstood (Quantic soul remix)
3) Crazy Penis : T plays it cool
4) Nina Simone : See-line woman (Ezel mix)
5) Ursula Rucker : Circe (Jazzanova mix)
6) Gotan project : Santa maria (Tom Middleton mix)
7) Interlude avec Henri Bergeron
8 ) Miklos Rozsa : Love theme from Ben Hur (Bombay dub orchestra remix)
9) Cesaria Evora : Miss perfumado (4 hero remix)
10) Djuma Soundsystem : Les Djinns (Trentemøller remix)
11) Nils Petter Molvær : Leaps and bounds
12) Budzahead : Loco dub motion
13) Massive attack : Tear drop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix)
14) Psyco on the bus : Take a rest (Chateau Flight Rmx)
15) Frankie Valley : Imagination

Down with the tempo [2010 @ Funky Jeff ]

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