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Progressive house for the first timer

I used to listen to a lot of progressive house, a style of house music that is noted for musical progression within melodies and basslines. Compared to trance, the progressive genre is usually deeper and more abstract, featuring a lower bpm (around 125-135 instead of 130-160) and a recurrent melodic structure. It’s more abstract and minimal and less catchy. Of course in the mid nineties it was rather called trance but still, bands like Orbital and Leftfield (especially Song of life) had a definite prog edge to them. Later on in the early 2000, I discovered a lot of good progressive soundscapes by the likes of Sasha, Danny Howells, James Holden (in his early sets) and Nick Warren. An English DJ and record producer as Way out west, he’s also the head manager of Hope recordings. Warren also mixed a lot of Global Underground sets, although as of late GU Series had become a bit tedious. Nick Warren can create a hard progressive set or a set with slower tracks nobody ever heard. His mix for GU entitled Paris is a good example of that, featuring only downtempo and chilled songs. But on his prog side, his music is silky, with a modernised progressive house beat and music fused in a versatile & trendy way à la neo-minimal 4/4 tech-house signature currently doing the rounds. Check out his mix for GU : Lima, an excellent introduction to the genre. As well as a great remix he did for Kenneth Thomas for his song “Orange room”. It’s featured on his equally great set called Just music. This post is for someone that truly works hard in Quebec city in order to bring DJ’s and good electronic music altogether!

Kenneth Thomas : Orange room – Nick Warren mix [Hope recordings : 2006]

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