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Monday morning track with Burial’s chilled scapes

Burial’s self-titled debut was the first dubstep record to really give the UK-bass mutant a somewhat larger foothold elsewhere, then follow up Untrue was the album that led to its first household-name claim. Often described as spectral, Untrue was, first and foremost, a mastery of sample stitching. Vocal shards smudge almost every edge of his desolete landscapes. This album is as important to the UK electronic music scene as those from Aphex Twin, Plaid, Black Dog, FSOL, Boards of Canada etc. No doubt it will be held in such esteem as Massive Attack’s Blue Lines or Roni Size’s New Forms as being one that defines a homegrown genre. The haunting pads and synths compliment the vocals perfectly sounding melancholic. Like in his first album, there are ambient interludes in this, which I feel are easily as strong as the “proper” tracks. Dog Shelter in particular is quite beautiful. I’d love to hear him do a full-length album of these kind of tracks one day.

Burial : Dog shelter [Untrue : Hyperdub : 2006]

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