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Cool …. Le funk mix !

I’ve always thought that funk was the ideal party music. Since it was basterdize as disco and that disco later became the basis to house music, then it’s fair to say that dance music owes a lot to funk. So I gathered a few tracks of funk and decided to make a mix out of it. Le funk mix has a lot of classic breaks, sampled records that were looped to death. My favorite track is Shack up by Banbarra : thick incredible funky bassline with an amazing breakbeat. It was covered by A certain ratio and is often namechecked as one the stapled breaks from the 70’s. It was used on Dr Octagon I’m destructive as well as Stetsasonic’s Talkin all that jazz. On the other hand, Chi-lites and their song Are u my woman ? (Tell me so) was also used as horn hook by a very much known singer that I won’t name. Liquid liquid, was of course, sampled to death and most notably by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel on White lines. Pay attention to the last track, if features a sample by The Orb…A new feature this time, not only that you can stream the mix but you can download it as well at this address.

Le Funk Mix @t Funky Jeff, 2010

1) Intro : Vous voulez dla musique ?
2) Antibalas : Government magic
3) Salinas : Straussmania
4) Chi-lites : Are u my woman ?
5) Michel Magné : Superchic genial
6) Quentin Tarantino on Like a virgin
7) Liquid Liquid : Cavern
8 ) Banbarra : Shack up
9) James Brown : Dead on it u turn
10) Le Mal et L’Éspérance :
Extrait d’un 25 cm sur la foi
11) Herbaliser : The missing suitcase
12) Rachid Taha : Rock El Casbah
13) Eddie Beram : Riot in thunder valley
14) Stereoscope Jerk explosion :
L’homme grenouille
15) Beck : Cell phone is dead
16) Stone Roses : Fold’s gold
17) Troublemakers : Every day is an
extension of yesterday
18) DJ Shadow : What Does Your
Soul Look Like (Part 1 :
Blue Sky Revisit)

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