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My favorite DJ mix of the moment…

French producer and DJ Agoria has been tapped to mix Balance 016. In following with the series titular theme, Agoria diversified not only his track selection, but also his mixing style. Disc one Aller Retour starts off in ambient. A minute later and Agoria’s taken the vibe into the eery stripped back techno world of Arandel with a superb transition between the two tracks. That for me sums up the style of both discs with Agoria’s ability to stitch contrasting tunes together in a masterful and effortless motion. At mid-disc peak he meanders back into a groovy cosmic disco finish with Todd Terje and Prins Tomas. As with previous installments of Balance, the compilation is a multiple disc affair, with an emphasis on variety. Like a lot of good compilations the first play didn’t leave me convinced but after several more plays it’s grown on me immensely and it’s worth checking if you’re on the prowl for a mixed cd.

Agoria : Balance 016 : CD 1 :  Aller Retour [EQ Recordings : 2010]

01. Gregg Kowalsky – Ashes From Evermore
02. Alva Noto – Monophaser 2 ++ DJ Koze – Lords of Panama
03. Mark Pritchard – ?
04. Manvoy de Saint Sadrill – Soeheniona
05. Tosca – Joe Si Ha
06. Emiliana Torrini – Gun
07. Agoria – Parasite 2
08. Arandel – inD#5
09. Justin – Columpnam
10. 19.454. – When I Think Of
11. Pom Pom – 10
12. Agoria – Altre Voci
13. Glimpse – Train in Austria Part 2
14. The Field – Over the Ice (Live mix)
15. Olibusta – La Pazz
16. Cubenx – Mis Dias Y Tus Noches
17. Felix Laband – Whisitling in Tongues (Todd Terje remix)
18. jozif – Back 2 My Roots (jozif’s 5o’clock Fabric Shadow edit)
19. Bibio – Jealous of Roses
20. LCD Soundystem – 45:33 (Trus’me remix)
21. Boozoo Bajou feat. Rumer – Same Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) ++ Oxia – Less Time
22. Hatikvah – Synchronicty (Block Barley & Engin Ozturk Holmby Hills Remix)
23. Rio en Medio – The Last Child’s Tear
24. Tipper – Just as the Sun Went Down
25. Gregg Kowalsky – Ashes from Evermore ++ Alva Noto – Monophaser

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