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The future has always been there…you just had to discover it

Robert Leiner is a Swedish DJ and producer born in 1966 that was very inflential in the mid nineties. He has recorded trance, acid, and ambient music. Flipping through some vinyls to transfer in mp3, I stumbled upon Visions of the past, that was released in the very inflential Belgium record label R&S. One of the best ambient-techno record of the 90’s, as the way Robert layered and mixed those different analogue sounds into beautiful melodies proves he’s one the best electronic music composer ever. The modulations of frequencies on Visions of the past are just perfect. Working as a technician before releasing music, his work for Swedish record companies and artists brought him recognition and an underground reputation in Scandinavia. The opening track “Out of control” is just amazing. Very slowly, it starts with a nice eerie synth pad, then an acidic bassline kicks in, and mid song, a tribal drums flows within. A very dark and mystic floating soundscape that melts perfectly together with almost cyber-ethnic driving beats to become a piece of music that should not be seen as a combination of tracks, but as a story that is told as a whole. Leiner’s album is a very rare work and hardly to compare with anything else in contemporary ambient music. Each track is a mood, a room built by sound, a look into an emotion, seen through the eyes of the one that percepts them. If you have 60 minutes free time, sit down, play that album a little louder than you usualy would and do nothing but joining into a trip that will take you to the most interesting landscapes…

Robert Leiner : Out of control [R&S Records : Visions of the past : 1994]

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