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A new single from Trentemøller, and exciting news for 2010…

The Danish producer has announced further details concerning his second album. It’s going to be released in june. I can’t even describe how excited I am of this news. I’ve been listening to the Last resort to death for the last 5 years. I don’t think there’s been one week that went on in which I did not listen to anything by Trentemøller.If the first single, released a few days ago, and called “Sycamore feeling” is any indication of what to expect, then his forthcoming album is going to be nothing short of a masterpiece. Yesterday, as I was listening to his new song and all the remix on the EP, something quite rare happened : it grew on me from the get go. Normally, when something more electronica gets into my shuffle it takes a few listens, but this one blew me right away. When I heard those spaghetti western guitar again à la Ennio Morricone which grabbed me again and made me thinking oh no he did again…It kinda sounds like his song  The Very Last Resort which is my all time favorite song of the last few years as you remember I’ve mixed it the Winter mix I kept thinking, how should I describe it ? New order meets glitch ? Islandic pop à la Sigur ros meets classical music ? I think it’s time to stop comparing Trentemøller to anything from the 80’s or the 90’s whether it’s my bloody valentine, or else. This artist has a sound of his own and this time it sounds a lot more pop and organic. It may have pop elements with the vocal, but this time the electronics are very low key and a wonderful bassline makes the whole very live, and the drums too. His next record will also see him experimenting in organic and analog textures in contrast to the crisp, digital outlook that made him famous on his debut, The Last Resort. Now I am wondering, what do I expect the most in 2010 : the Lost final episode in may or Trentemøller’s new album ?

Trentemøller – Sycamore Feeling – radio edit [In my room : 2010 EP]

  1. Étienne
    April 9, 2010 at 4:09 am

    C’est certainement LA nouvelle la plus hot de tous le mois d’Avril! J’espère qu’il y aura d’autres track ambiantes et pesantes avec des pattern de drum sophistiqués comme sur House essential et aussi d’autres plus groovy comme celle de Yoshimoto. trentemoller(avec le manque de caractères qu’il me faut pour bien écrire son nom) reste l’un de mes dj/producteur préféré de par sa facon de créer des ambiances. Ya tellement de tracks qui sont des classiques dont Moan, Always something better etc. Recemment j’ai vu des images de lui en compagnie du très populaire microkorg, un petit keyboard portatif, je me dis qu’une partie du son vient de cet instrument. Ca m’a mis en tête d’aller en chercher un moi aussi 🙂

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