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Field source ambient from Black dog

The Black Dog latest album, entitled Music For Real Airports, is an experimentation that combines new music with segments from over 200 hours of field recordings from airports in an effort to explore the ideas and associations that people have with them today. Airports have some of the glossiest surfaces in modern culture, but the fear underneath remains. Hence this record is not a utilitarian accompaniment to airports, in the sense of reinforcing the false utopia and fake idealism of air travel. Although the drone-based first section of the record could be considered ambient, the album’s second half sees the group explore dubstep-influenced beats and intense dark percussion before things settle down again. The Black Dog will also perform music live from Music For Real Airports in Sheffield. 

While the album’s title obviously refers to Brian Eno’s 1978 album, The Black Dog take a different approach. This is music about a space rather than for it. Many of the compositions were created while waiting in airports, which makes for some uneasy listening. Field recordings guide listeners on a journey from roadway to curb-side to terminal : Passport Control, for instance, is an exercise in breath control with a sigh of relief at the end. On M1 traffic noise mixes with long, cool drones. Stuff that is highly soothing and with an interesting approach to electronic production.

Black dog : M1 [2010 : Music for real airports @ Soma records]


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