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Monday chilled track with Global communication

Global Communication is an electronic music act, composed of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Their debut LP, 76:14 is one of the most acclaimed albums from the ambient music genre and from 1990s electronic music in general. Pentamerous Metamorphosis is an album by Global Communication originally released in 1993 on Dedicated. It is a reworking of the Blood Music album by Chapterhouse and was originally only available as a bonus CD bundled with the Chapterhouse album. It was rereleased as a standalone album in 1998. The 1998 rerelease had minor changes to one track (Beta Phase) to remove an uncleared sample from the film Return of the Jedi. The removed sample ( included here ) : EV-9D9: “How many languages do you speak?” C-3PO: “I am fluent in over six million forms of communication” Though the album is ostensibly a remix album, very little of the unremixed Chapterhouse music remains intact in the remixed tracks, with at most one or two samples clearly recognisable on each track. It is one of those rare start-to-finish gems. Absolutely stunning. Celestial, ethereal, out of this world. Whether on CD or vinyl, this album really is one of the best ambient electronica albums of the nineties. Beta Phase pulls away and lets a lone flute guide the first the 2 minutes of the tune. Heavenly strings get dropped in and begin to give the track depth and feeling before they change up into an awe-inspiring melody before it all comes to together with a massive, bueatiful bassline pluck about halfway through which accompanies the strings as they guide you out of the tune.

Global communication : Beta phase  [1993 : Pentamerous metamorphosis]


A nice podcast by The Revenge…

May 28, 2010 1 comment

2009, without doubt belonged to Graeme Clark. As The Revenge, Graeme subjected the world to an onslaught of addictive and forward-thinking sounds which often defied current genre classifications. Soul, house, tech-house, techno, funk and disco are all tags that have been attached to The Revenge’s releases although clearly none of them quite tell the whole story. It wasn’t only in the world of production which The Revenge made his mark, he became a highly considered name on the worldwide DJ circuit and of course you might have heard of his Ooft project and his Five20East label which he somehow manages to squeeze in! So the big question was ‘could he continue?’ erm, yes! 2010 has seen The Revenge carry on from were he left off last year. A continuing release schedule with no sign of the quality letting up, an impossibly busy DJ schedule taking in Asia, South America and Australia as well as anywhere else you can care to mention and ever increasing popularity and innovation has made it clear…The Revenge is an artist that the UK should be proud of and one that is always worth checking. For his Technique Podcast The Revenge has stepped up to display his sought after and versatile turntable skills and carve us a little piece of heaven that’s more tech and deep house than discoish this time.

The Revenge : Technique podcast (2010 )

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Who sampled who ? The Flirts vs Felix da Housecat

May 26, 2010 3 comments

2001 saw the release of Kittenz and Thee Glitz, a critically-acclaimed LP that gained Felix mainstream exposure and worldwide coverage in dance music and fashion circles, and has often been mentioned as one of the pioneering releases of the electroclash movement. At the end of 2001, Felix won Best Album at the now-defunct Muzik Awards, beating the likes of Daft Punk that day. The ensuing fame brought Felix widespread popularity and remix work for superstars like Madonna, Britney Spears, and Kylie Minogue. The album’s first single, “Silver Screen Shower Scene” contains a sample of the The Flirts’s single “Passion”. The Flirts were a female trio from NY City who had several dance hits and music videos on MTV in the early eighties when the channel was still in its infancy. The group was created and masterminded by American Hi-NRG producer, Bobby Orlando aka ‘Bobby O’, an artist in his own right. I must say that while not being a fan of Felix da Housecat, especially since he’s an awful DJ, who gets booking only because of his fame, the sampled used here by is very well done. Felix took almost an hip-hop approach to sampling here. Instead of lifting the whole track, he went for just a little section of the original song, i.e. the bassline and the guitar riff. Silver scene cut one precise hook, while pitching it up and using timestretching technique.

As for the Flirts, if there’s one record which could be described as one of the sexiest, dirtiest record on the dancefloors ever, then it’s this record from the early 80’s. Before 1982 there weren’t many disco records which were entirely created with synthesizers and drumcomputers. It was (almost) always created with live instruments such as guitars and for example real horns. This record is completely electronic (maybe only the percussion is live) and it’s a blueprint for many Italo-records which followed afterwards. The Hotmix 5 guys from Chicago were canning it heavily in their mid-80’s radio-shows.

How Bobby Orlando did i t: I don’t know, but his sound has never been surpassed by others. Whenever u hear his productions, you’ll always recognise his sound. He also produced the very early version of Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls” before they went more “commercial”.

The Flirts : Passion [1982 : Undisc EP]

Felix da Housecat : Silver screen shower scene [2001 : Emperor Norton]

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