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Monday chilled track with Alva Noto’s Xerrox on Raster-Norton

Alva Noto is a stage name of sound artist Carsten Nicolai who uses art and music as complementary tools to create microscopic views of accurate processes. Born in East Germany, he uses the sounds of fax, modoems and phones as clicks are sampled and then processed and organised into loops to which Nicolai adds longer electronic tones in the background and foreground as the piece progresses. On Xerrox Vol. 2, works by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and even Michael Nyman were sampled and transformed into different creatures by the inimitable expertise of Alva Noto. In my opinion, this record is a landmark release in the history of electronic music. At times I have felt that many of the releases on Mille Plateau and now Raster-Noton have been experimental at the expense of being musical. When electronic music looses any sembelence of soul it ceases to be music. That is why this release it so important. Here an unpredictable widescreen journey with many twists and turns unfolds. At times impossibly dense layers of fuzz and static put you at the centre of a vast electonic storm but before long you reach the eye of the storm. The music becomes spacious, warm, comforting. This release has more soul, depth and innovation going on whilst still pushing the boundaries of ambient and electronic music. Even Agoria’s latest mixed features Xerrox Monophaser 2.

Alva Noto : Xerrox Monophaser 2 [2009 : Raster-Norton]

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