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Lush summer rain with Move D

David Moufang, a.k.a. Move D (pictured left) uses that name as his moniker to record deep house grooves. He used to record as Deep space network when he created lush soundscapes of ambient techno in the 1990’s. Nowadays, his lushness can be found as Move D, as deep house is the logical extension of a lot of musical trends that were set in the 90’s such as progressive house and techno. Moufang grew up in Heidelberg Germany listening to his parents collection of early Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk records but the most overwhelming influence on his childhood was outer space, the result of a trip to the cinema with his father to see 2001 : A Space Odyssey. His Move D moniker combines the Detroit ambience with soft electronic lullabies, super-funk grooves and wired experimentation adding up to sheer brilliance.  The EP Between us, released in 2008, is a testament to that brillance, it features the song Lush summer rain, which was featured on the equally amazing podcast of Thomas Fehlmann for Resident advisor.

Move D : Lush summer rain [ Shanti records : 2008 ]

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