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Monday chilled track with Minilogue & Koss

Koss is an artist name that Japanese DJ and music producer Kuniyuki Takahashi uses for some of his productions. Musically, the productions done under this name fit more closely to the more techno end of his production scale. Released on Mule Electronic, the EP Ocean waves contains not just one but two gorgeous piece of ambient music remixed by Minilogue a.k.a. Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert, an outfit to be to reckon on the German techno scene in case you wouldn’t already know. The first chill out remix of Ocean waves is called Pulsating the 3rd. Like the name mentionned it has a light pulse drifting along a melody and a even jazzy bassline which makes for an ideal companion to recover from a hangover, or just a long night spend in a club. The second remix, called Dream drone, is quite dreamy and drone-ish with magnificient chords builded along a gentle keyboard melody. The kind of record that is really interesting to listen to with headphones. Envelopping and soothing, especially on a monday.

Koss : Ocean waves (Minilogue pulsating the 3rd) – [ Mule electronic 2010 ]

Koss : Ocean waves (Minilogue dream drone) – [ Mule electronic 2010 ]

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