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A nice podcast by The Revenge…

2009, without doubt belonged to Graeme Clark. As The Revenge, Graeme subjected the world to an onslaught of addictive and forward-thinking sounds which often defied current genre classifications. Soul, house, tech-house, techno, funk and disco are all tags that have been attached to The Revenge’s releases although clearly none of them quite tell the whole story. It wasn’t only in the world of production which The Revenge made his mark, he became a highly considered name on the worldwide DJ circuit and of course you might have heard of his Ooft project and his Five20East label which he somehow manages to squeeze in! So the big question was ‘could he continue?’ erm, yes! 2010 has seen The Revenge carry on from were he left off last year. A continuing release schedule with no sign of the quality letting up, an impossibly busy DJ schedule taking in Asia, South America and Australia as well as anywhere else you can care to mention and ever increasing popularity and innovation has made it clear…The Revenge is an artist that the UK should be proud of and one that is always worth checking. For his Technique Podcast The Revenge has stepped up to display his sought after and versatile turntable skills and carve us a little piece of heaven that’s more tech and deep house than discoish this time.

The Revenge : Technique podcast (2010 )

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  1. June 5, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Good mix, thanks for flagging it up for attention – he certainly does have his finger on the pulse of some good grooves.

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