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Monday chilled track with Global communication

Global Communication is an electronic music act, composed of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Their debut LP, 76:14 is one of the most acclaimed albums from the ambient music genre and from 1990s electronic music in general. Pentamerous Metamorphosis is an album by Global Communication originally released in 1993 on Dedicated. It is a reworking of the Blood Music album by Chapterhouse and was originally only available as a bonus CD bundled with the Chapterhouse album. It was rereleased as a standalone album in 1998. The 1998 rerelease had minor changes to one track (Beta Phase) to remove an uncleared sample from the film Return of the Jedi. The removed sample ( included here ) : EV-9D9: “How many languages do you speak?” C-3PO: “I am fluent in over six million forms of communication” Though the album is ostensibly a remix album, very little of the unremixed Chapterhouse music remains intact in the remixed tracks, with at most one or two samples clearly recognisable on each track. It is one of those rare start-to-finish gems. Absolutely stunning. Celestial, ethereal, out of this world. Whether on CD or vinyl, this album really is one of the best ambient electronica albums of the nineties. Beta Phase pulls away and lets a lone flute guide the first the 2 minutes of the tune. Heavenly strings get dropped in and begin to give the track depth and feeling before they change up into an awe-inspiring melody before it all comes to together with a massive, bueatiful bassline pluck about halfway through which accompanies the strings as they guide you out of the tune.

Global communication : Beta phase  [1993 : Pentamerous metamorphosis]

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