Monday chilled track with L.S.G.

Oliver Lieb is a German electronic music producer and DJ. Lieb is known to have more than a dozen aliases with over 200 productions and remixes in various electronic genres. Superstition Records have described Oliver Lieb’s studio as one of the most exciting equipment collections of the entire techno scene. It contains dozens of synthesisers, many of them rare or unusual. He prefers analogue equipment, valuing especially oscillators capable of producing extraordinarily deep bass frequencies. His music typically consists of atypical sound tapestries and melodies intervowen. Using his moniker L.S.G. he released the mixed album “Into deep” in 2000 on Hooj choons. This release and this volume, the second, are in my humble opinion a timeless masterpiece of the dowtempo/chill genre. Compositionally, every element fits altogether as nothing feels superfluous. The deep subterrenaian bowels of crunchy trip-hop loops soars through bright angelic pads and voices. This album is definitely worth listening to, if anything for the dreamy layers of sound & mystical Spanish quotes overlaid with some real heart throbbing moments of bass & pads. You will be wishing yourself by a beach whilst on that packed train on a wet Monday morning with this on…P.S. : Thanks to my friend Ramyt Ramit from Hawaï who gave me this mix 🙂

L.S.G. : Into deep 2 (Unreleased)

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