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King Midas sounds…a universe unexplored…

King Midas is a dubstep project composed of Kevin Martin and London/Trinidad poet Roger Robinson. Martin has stated that his influences are Adrian Sherwood, Lee Perrey and Public enemy. King Midas sound is my absolute stroke of genius for 2010. So far, King Midas Sound has made an amazing dubstep album that combines the Hyperdub sound with soundscapes reminescent of Massive attack’s soul sensibilites. Think Massive Attack at their most sinister, their most fluid – the heavy ganja vibes of Inertia Creeps mixed with the ethereal drift of 100th Window, perhaps – and you’re halfway there.. I honestly haven’t heard such amazing qualites in a long time in a new record. Some people complained that the album was too quiet. I would like to point out that it is much challenging to make something sounds sultry as much as King Midas. You don’t start doing tracks as these from the get go, you nurture this type of sounds as Dubstep doesn’t necesserely has to be the next drum and bass trend i.e. loud. Therefore, Martin’s production forgoes the stereotypical dubstep war of bassbin attrition to let the beats glow instead of flash, and even when it approaches an actual heavy knock, like the underlying dancehall bump of “Outta Space” with the smothered Mantronix boom-clap. Waiting for you has plenty of chilled vibes and this is dub production submitted to a solid structure as if he wants to tells a story about the final reverberations of a deserted cityscape. This is infused with a crumbling low-end bass that seems to give birth to the songs. And the voice decorates it like a spiderweb : fragile in appearance, but accurately strong enough to hold a flow against the rhythm. Every strength this record holds draws off the symbiotic relationship between Martin’s beats and Robinson’s voice, which adapt well to each other. It’s definetely work that stands as above average. Maybe it has just been waiting for you…

King Midas sound : Waiting for you (Hyperdub : 2009 : Waiting for you)

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