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Moby’s old school rave mix

Moby’s just released an amazing podcast of old school hardcore / rave centered around records from 1990-92. As it was point out in most history books about the history of techno, these early UK or Belgium records has a heavy dose of groovy samples most notably the famous hoover sound, that had been later sampled a lot. A hoover sound was famously introduced in Human ressource : The dominator as early as 1991. I have to tell you guys these sounds will be forever impregnated in my brain. 1991 was the year I was introduced to techno music with the likes of Moby, Aphex twin and the Dutch and Belgium hardcore scene…Listening to Moby’s podcast brought a lot of souvenirs for me…Think this was just a fashionnable trend ? Well think again because even that horrible cunt Lady Gaga sampled The Dominator. Now, back to Moby’s mix. It features an all time favorite of mine : Altern8 : Frequency. This was probably one of the first record to sample the breakbeat from The Commodores : Assembly line. But most importantly, it was one of the first iconic group to feature a mask as the ideology of techno was taking shape : faceless to focus on the music. An Early UK Rave music duo band featuring Mark Archer and Chris Peat. They were one of the UK rave bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s whose trademark was loud electronic tracks with a heavy bass line. Altern-8’s members wore facemasks and chemical warfare suits and Frequency invaded the charts of hardcore DJ’s in the UK. “Frequency” was borrowed from the samplemania classic ‘Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis’ from 1987 (as part of the expression “Keep this frequency clear!”) This stuff is just genius : at a time in the UK when outdoor rave events were not always legal, Altern-8 had a reputation for turning up to play at major unofficial events. They helped to define harder House tracks relying more heavily on bass and volume. The use of more bass and eclectic noises gradually evolved Altern-8’s music away from the earlier House music style. The duo, dressed in chemical warfare suits and dancing “like electrified monkeys”, took part in a large number of live performances. As far as I remember, they were of one the first techno acts to perform live. In 1991 mind you, 20 years ago ! These records come from the first era of techno music that some have been calling The techno era or hardcore techno. Hailing from the Netherlands, it was fast and using atonal industrial samples.

Much faster than new beat era, which spawned bands like Lords of acid and one big difference was that New beat originated from Belgium instead of the Netherlands and New beat was rather around 1987-88. The genre was also heavily influenced by other EBM acts such as Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, as well as the likes of Fad Gadget, Gary Numan and Anne Clark.

As of today, I remember recording CKRL on saturday night with the song Mindflux by N-joi playing live. I also remember buying it on vinyl and dancing to death to this song, not so in a normal state of mind as well…Still, 20 years afterwards, it fucking gives me a stomping feet. The feeling of my first rave, close to the old Ikea buiding in Quebec city, where Autechre played live.. that must have been in 1992 when acid was still kicking it. Here was a sound system the size of a two story building. There was just one massive room with everyone dancing together. Back then I did not even knew 5 people that were aware of techno music, what it was and its idiosyncracies. It was just people dancing to a new trend bound to dissappear. I knew something special had stumbled upon me. There was no Internet, I didn’t even speak english,  there was no way of even knowing where to get these records. Don’t you miss this era ? Because I do. I may be nostalgic, but nowadays everything is so much about PR…and less and less about music. That was the opposite back then.

It does not sound like the usual Moby musak and well, sorry for Moby’s fans but that is a good thing ! lol…If you’re searching for a high-energy rave tunes mix of the early ’90s, even as this music has morphed and changed, well that would be it. Just thanks to Moby to take me back to 1991 for a moment…Want it in your I:Pod ? You can download the mix here.

I met another teenage girl who was high too. We were trying to speak to each other with the heavy bass pounding the walls and our feets as she took my palm and put it against my heart so I could hear the rhythm and she told me : the beat is like our mothers heartbeat, when we were in her womb…

After that night, suffice to say, I was never the same again.

01 Messiah “Temple of Dreams” (Kickin)
02 Mentasm “I Need Release”
03 Altern8 “Frequency” (Network)
04 N-Joi “Mindflux” (RCA)
05 Ragga Twins “Hooligan 69” (Shut Up and Dance)
06 Awesome 3 “Don’t Go” (City Beat)
07 Moby “Next is the E” (Instinct)
08 Hyper Go Go “High” (Hooj Choons)
09 Fierce Ruling Diva “You Gotta Believe” (React)
10 Bizarre Inc. “Playing With Knives” (Vinyl Solution)
11 Messiah “Xeroxed”
12 Dream Frequency “Feel So Real” (City Beat)

P.S. : There is an error in track list which is missing T99 – Anastasia that is in between the 1st and 3rd track.

Moby’s Old-School Rave Mix | XLR8R

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