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The amazing forgotten downtempo artist from Montreal…

Ramachandra Borcar, also known as Ramasutra is a Canadian musician/composer/producer/DJ of mixed Indian and Danish. He is also known by his alias DJ Ram, and he works into ethnic techno, science fiction vibes and a spaghetti western ethos. His music has a retro-70’s spy fascination. He has recently turned from DJing to film scoring and composing which is really sad cause he hasn’t produced any new downtempo music since El Pipo Del Taxi EP in 2003. Born in Montreal of an Indian father and a Danish mother, he had a diverse musical career. After studying music composition and electro-acoustic music at McGill University, he went on to create scores for film, television, documentaries, commercials and the theatre. Even on his first album you can hear the blissful indian vibes meshed with highly cinematic ambience. If you close your eyes it could very well be music composed by The Thievery corporation or Talvin Singh. But one thing is for sure, he was a very gifted composer with an ear for sultry music and ethnic vibes that never get chessy. The curse of the eye is from the EP from 2003 and uses a vocal sample that sounds quite similar to what this man had to say also back in 2003

Ramasutra : The curse of the eye (El pipo del taxi – 2003 : Semprini Records)

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