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Those damn germans can make funky house too!

As a total devotee of German culture, and especially electronic music coming from Berlin and Frankfurt, I have over the years amassed a vast array of records from Deutchland that ranges the gamut from deep house à la Isolée, early techy house stuff such as Losoul, minimal à la Maurizio & Basic channel or almost glacial ambient structures such as Monolake. However, one has to admit that the vast majority of German producers are more known for their techno or electro side than the funky side of house music. Despite the fact that Germany was known to have a vibrant psychedelic scene in the late 60’s and a burgeoning jazz-fusion scene (Think Klaus Doldinger of Das boot OST fame) Germans have never really been associated with a keen sense of funkiness especially in house music. However, the last decade has seen Uwe Schmidt delve into funky lounge covers with his Senor coconut project and more recently in Mutek of june 2010, I have been mesmerized by a new project called Brandt Brauer Frick. Three young musicians joining forces together for this exciting acoustic techno project, as Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer, made a team with Paul Frick, who has studied classical and modern composition with Friedrich Goldmann at Universität der Künste Berlin. With prepared piano, vibraphone, drums, various percussions, brass and string instruments, rhodes, bass guitar and analogue synthesizers the trio creates textures that may bring to mind Steve Reich as well as the oldschool loop techno. Experiment meets deepness, complexity meets minimalism. The generation of the sound is mostly acoustic – even the bassdrum. Only few electronic instruments complete the sound. Brandt Brauer Frick also succeeds live as a thrilling synthesis of club and concert hall. On both platforms they present themselves, getting percussive with energetic sounds out of apparently harmless classical instruments. Yet they sound incredibly funky. Those Germans would make George Clinton proud.

Brandt Brauer Frick : Iron man / Tartelet records

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  1. Étienne
    August 25, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    I like that rythmic dry snare & those wooden rim shots, together they bring variations to a standard beat. This sound is cold and metalic just like the sound engine of the Radias which I just got 🙂 I will play this track in my appartment when I’ll have some guests. Recently I made an interlude (with the sound engine of the radias) that has this metalic cold sound, but it lacks some variations in the drum sounds to be as cool as this one.

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